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  1. NYT Workplace harassment in the age of remote work WOMAN

    These are the signs of workplace harassment in the age of remote work

    When office closure puts distance between colleagues, many hoped that incidents of harassment would stop. That flame quickly went dark.
  2. FILE PHOTO: Men pose with smartphones in front of a screen showing the Telegram logo in this pictur

    Commentary: Stop asking why she took the nude, start asking why he shared it

    When a woman’s pictures are leaked in online chats without her consent, the first question some people ask is why she took those in the first place.
  3. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
    Media playtime

    Pictures on illicit chat groups: How do innocent victims end up as fodder?

    Primary school girls posing with their friends, intimate pictures leaked by ex-lovers and even innocent personal Instagram videos. Thousands of ...
  4. Molest 02 crime outrage of modesty - file photo

    Commentary: Singapore’s streets are comparatively safe, but women still face sexual danger

    The streets of Singapore may be safer for women than the streets of London – where Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered. But far too many ...
  5. woman silhouette,silent,shadow,sexual harassment,stigma

    Commentary: Contrary to what we expect, women in senior roles face more workplace sexual harassment

    Female managers not only experience workplace sexual harassment at higher rates than other females, they also face different types of sexual ...