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  1. Molest 02 crime outrage of modesty - file photo

    Commentary: Singapore’s streets are comparatively safe, but women still face sexual danger

    The streets of Singapore may be safer for women than the streets of London – where Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered. But far too many ...
  2. woman silhouette,silent,shadow,sexual harassment,stigma

    Commentary: Contrary to what we expect, women in senior roles face more workplace sexual harassment

    Female managers not only experience workplace sexual harassment at higher rates than other females, they also face different types of sexual ...
  3. NUS students

    Commentary: The education I wished I had when a senior at university touched me

    An unpleasant encounter in campus made this young woman understand that sexual harassment is a complex issue and education is at the heart of change.
  4. Russia was banned from international athletics after evidence emerged of state-sponsored doping

    IN FOCUS: Tackling sexual misconduct in the sports and fitness industry

    After a number of high-profile incidents, CNA takes an in-depth look at what the sport and fitness industry is doing to ensure that trainers, ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: A 3D printed Google logo is seen in this illustration taken

    Alphabet settles shareholder suit over sexual harassment claims

    Alphabet Inc has settled a shareholder lawsuit that accused the Google parent of paying lavish exit packages to executives found responsible for ...
  6. People wearing mask at Orchard Road Singapore Feb 3 (49)

    Commentary: Here’s what women really want regarding gender equality

    As the Government looks to make gender equality a fundamental societal value, caregiving, employment and the sexual objectification of women ...