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  1. Gadg(Aid) autism main

    How technology gives my son hope with his autism

    Virtual reality and robotic devices can be used to empower those on the autism spectrum and even open up job possibilities for them, the series ...
  2. Huawei P40 phones

    Huawei launches its P40 phones – and you can now erase pesky photobombers

    After last month’s Mate Xs comes the smartphone giant’s triple launch – and aside from the new AI trick, the P40 phones also have a sleeker ...
  3. livestream hero safari

    Zoos, kitties, Beatles: We check out which livestreams are worth your time (or not)

    With many public venues closing, looks like you’ll have to get your entertainment online. We review some livestreaming options that don’t involve ...
  4. Facebook Instagram logo

    Instagram unveils new shared video feature to ease isolation

    The Facebook-owned social network also announced new efforts to stop the spread of misinformation.
  5. Illustration of people socialising using computers, tablets and phones

    Stuck at home? How to still have fun with friends using apps and online services

    We’ve got good news for extroverts out there who can’t stand being cooped up at home. Why not have a drink or watch a movie with friends online?
  6. A robot designed to help medical workers treat coronavirus patients remotely is pictured at the aer

    Robot designed in China could help save lives on medical frontline

    Researchers at one of China's top universities have designed a robot they say could help save lives on the frontline during the coronavirus outbreak.
  7. FILE PHOTO: Netlix logo is seen in front of diplayed coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    Netflix, Facebook to slow down streaming to cope with Europe outbreak

    The measures are taking place in Europe at the moment. Other companies cutting on bandwidth include YouTube, Amazon and Disney.