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    Ep 1: The New Normal

    In the first episode, we look at how BluePass is purpose-built for the dormitory and worksite environment, effectively maintaining contact tracing ...
  2. Dominant Big Tech firms could be forced to make major changes to their business practices if US

    Commentary: Anti-trust laws needed against Big Tech firms that have too much power

    A growing consensus that US courts and regulatory agencies do not enforce anti-trust law as vigorously as they should has gained momentum with ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: A new CCTV camera for facial recognition technology is pictured at the train station Su

    EU privacy watchdogs call for ban on facial recognition in public spaces

    Europe's two privacy watchdogs teamed up on Monday to call for a ban on the use of facial recognition in public spaces, going against draft ...
  4. The seal of the Department of Commerce is pictured in Washington

    Chinese apps could face subpoenas or bans under Biden order: Sources

    President Joe Biden's executive order aimed at safeguarding Americans' sensitive data would force some Chinese apps to take tougher measures to ...
  5. Toshiba's board is now composed of mostly external directors

    Toshiba apologises to shareholders after vote probe

    Toshiba apologised to shareholders Monday and said it would remove two directors after a probe found the Japanese conglomerate had sought ...
  6. Increasing consumer interest in devices rated cyber-safe | Video
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    Increasing consumer interest in devices rated cyber-safe | Video

    A scheme to certify smart devices that have at least basic levels of cybersecurity has drawn more than 70 applications, just a fraction of the ...