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  1. The far right in Germany has come under attack following Wednesday's murders in Hanau

    Commentary: Why Asia may not be immune to far-right terrorism

    White supremacist groups are organising themselves more effectively and seek to forge links with other violent movements elsewhere, including in ...
  2. Weekly cabinet meeting at Downing Street in London

    Britain moves to end early release of convicted terrorists

    Britain will end the automatic early release of convicted terrorists under new fast-tracked legislation to be introduced to parliament on Tuesday.
  3. A mural depicting murdered journalist Lyra McKee is seen  in Belfast

    Northern Irish police arrest 4 men over murder of journalist Lyra Mckee

    Northern Irish police arrested four men on Tuesday under the Terrorism Act as part of investigation into murder of journalist Lyra McKee.
  4. Imran Kassim

    Commentary: Why support for the Islamic State has persisted in Southeast Asia

    Despite the IS’ losses in the Middle East, it has been able to recruit fighters and employ violent tactics in Southeast Asia, says Kenneth Yeo.