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  1. Defendants of Trieu Dai Viet group stand during their trial at a court in Ho Chi Minh City

    Vietnam jails 20 for terrorism over police station bombs

    A Vietnamese court sentenced 20 people to between two and 24 years in prison on terrorism charges on Tuesday over their involvement in a police ...
  2. Some of the accused in the courtroom watched the images, while others looked away

    'Killing machines': Charlie Hebdo trial revisits 2015 attack

    A Paris court on Monday sat through a viewing of graphic images of the 2015 Charlie Hebdo newsroom attack scene, prompting horrified members of ...
  3. The spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Tangerang

    Commentary: Sick until proven healthy? How COVID-19 could change airport security

    After the 9/11 attacks, global security measures focused on terrorism. Countering disease might see the same increased emphasis, says a ...