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  1. Female misogyny prejudice hero jasper loh

    How women can deal with prejudice from other women at work (yes, it happens)

    Ladies, have you received some uncalled for comments at the workplace? Or – gasp – accidentally let one slip before? Time to lean in and end this ...
  2. InterContinental Singapore - The Green Room (Green Screen Stage and Event Space)

    Smart, hybrid and personalised: Welcome to the post-pandemic workplace

    Hybrid meeting formats, plug-and-play bubbles and workspaces powered by AI and IoT technology will characterise the office of the future.
  3. Man on Zoom meeting

    Commentary: Remote working is a respite from the office, but toxic workplace behaviours persist

    Research finds that toxic workplace behaviours, in the form of antagonistic online behaviour, have persisted online during this pandemic due to a ...
  4. woman boss

    Commentary: How to give feedback to your boss without getting into trouble

    Giving leaders feedback builds stronger teams but do it in a positive manner requesting for support, says Crystal Lim-Lange.
  5. Fire @ No. 32E Tuas Ave 11 (1)

    Commentary: Spate of workplace deaths and what needs addressing in Singapore's safety culture

    The 11 deaths in February were three times more than the monthly average of 3.8 workplace fatalities over the last five years, says Associate ...
  6. woman silhouette,silent,shadow,sexual harassment,stigma

    Commentary: Contrary to what we expect, women in senior roles face more workplace sexual harassment

    Female managers not only experience workplace sexual harassment at higher rates than other females, they also face different types of sexual ...
  7. Navigating workplaces in the new normal

    Navigating workplaces in the new normal

    In a rapidly transforming professional world, learn more about how teams can re-calibrate and thrive.
  8. Role of women in the rise of Artificial Intelligence | Video
    Media playtime

    Role of women in the rise of Artificial Intelligence | Video

    A new study finds women, more than men, could be hurt by the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace. The World Economic Forum says ...