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  1. students classroom Singapore

    Sexuality education external vendors not used since 2017: MOE

  2. Soda bottles

    Manufacturers supportive of new regulations for pre-packaged sweetened drinks

  3. shanmugam parl 7 oct

    Concerns raised about separation of religion and politics, foreign influence under MRHA

  4. ong ye kung

    Yale-NUS course: Schools should not be misused for partisan politics, says Ong Ye Kung

  5. shanmugam parl 7 oct

    Stronger safeguards against foreign influence, updated restraining order as MRHA amendments passed

  6. dfs galleria

    DFS offers retrenched employees better severance deal, but some say it's not enough

  7. plastic bags

    MPs question Government’s stand on single-use plastics as Parliament passes new sustainability Bill