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Erin Low

Research Writer, Commentary and Podcasts at CNA Digital News

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  1. Dan Yergin

    In The New Map, author Daniel Yergin takes on energy, climate change and the slow but sure shifts in big power relationships

    New energy sources and the climate crisis have transformed not only the planet, but also the global order. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Daniel ...
  2. Kids activities School holidays Singapore 8-S.E.A.-Aquarium

    Commentary: It’s a shame redeeming SingapoRediscovers vouchers can be such a hassle

    The Singapore tourism vouchers should be easy to use to encourage more to redeem, but there are many hoops to hop through, making the experience ...
  3. COVID-19 Masked People East Coast Park 3

    Commentary: The awkward adventures of a Singaporean urbanite in a city in nature

    Singaporeans really love nature, but the majority of us probably love the idea of nature more than its reality, says CNA’s Erin Low.
  4. Buying new clothes just doesn't have the same kind of appeal anymore, says CNA's Erin Low.

    Commentary: I tried shopping for new clothes for Chinese New Year. It went abysmally

    With the unrelenting COVID-19 situation, many are going out less and working from home as far as possible. No wonder people are leaving clothing ...
  5. Hawker Chan char siew

    Commentary: Eating less meat could help the environment and our health – so what’s stopping us?

    Singapore is ranked among the top vegan-friendly cities in Asia but going meatless can still be an uphill struggle.
  6. composite HOTM vaccine

    No corners cut in Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout: Expert panel doctor

    Experts around the world worked tirelessly around the clock to produce a vaccine. On CNA’s Heart of the Matter podcast, Expert Committee for ...