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Steven Borowiec

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Kim Ki Soo instagram photo

    Commentary: ‘You look weird.’ What’s behind South Korean men’s growing love affair with make-up

    More men in South Korea are choosing to use make-up to look younger, feel more confident and express themselves, says Steven Borowiec.
  2. Cho Doo-soon

    Commentary: Why a convicted rapist’s release in South Korea stirs anguish 12 years after the crime

    Cho Doo-soon, the perpetrator of a horrific rape case involving an 8-year-old, was released last week, stirring up public outrage over South ...
  3. Virus Outbreak South Korea Daily Life

    Commentary: Is South Korea doing enough to tackle its new COVID-19 wave?

    The scary thing about the outbreak in South Korea now is that unlike the previous two waves, this time there is no discernible epicentre, says ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: A delivery man for Coupang Jung Im-hong wearing a mask to prevent contracting the coron

    Commentary: Guaranteed next-day deliveries in South Korea are coming at a heavy price

    It is worth considering according low-wage workers, who currently fall outside the remit of labour laws, full employment status, says Steven Borowiec.
  5. Shuhua Gidle no make up

    Commentary: 'Are you sick?' Why more South Korean women are doing away with cosmetics

    More women in South Korea are challenging old notions of having to keep up with appearances, says Steven Borowiec.
  6. South Korean boy band BTS are pictured performing from South Korea during the 2020 MTV Video Music

    Commentary: BTS management's stock listing is a sign K-Pop is no passing fad

    The entertainment label Big Hit, which represents mega boy-band group BTS, is betting on the massive support of its followers to make some serious ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Medical residents and doctors attend 24-hour strike amid COVID-19 pandemic in Seoul

    Commentary: South Korea had COVID-19 under control. And then August happened

    South Korea looked like it had COVID-19 under control but a freak series of events has picked at the seams of this divided society, says Steven ...
  8. Im Yu-mi, fan of K-pop boy band BTS, takes a selfie at a cafe decorated with photos and merchandise

    Commentary: Why are K-pop fans trolling Donald Trump?

    It’s natural for K-pop fans to mobilise against racism, and we can expect to see plenty more of such activism in the near future, says Steven ...
  9. A North Korean soldier looks toward the south as a South Korean soldier stands guard in the truce v

    Commentary: Is North Korea tearing at the seams?

    North Korea is currently facing two major, inter-related crises that is underpinning its frustrations with South Korea, says Steven Borowiec.
  10. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

    Commentary: How is North Korea laundering money – and getting away with it?

    North Korea’s clever tactics will continue to earn the country income, despite fresh efforts from the US to clamp down on money laundering, says ...