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  1. The Sahel region has seen a "significant increase of violence against children who are caught

    Sahel violence having devastating impact on children: UN

    Hundreds of children in the Sahel were killed, maimed or forcibly separated from their parents last year, the United Nations said Tuesday, as a ...
  2. India has more than 30 million stray dogs such as this one in New Delhi

    Newborn mauled to death by dogs at India hospital

    Indian police have sealed a private hospital and charged staff for manslaughter after a newborn baby was mauled to death by dogs inside an ...
  3. Padma Rawal and her husband Sanjay look at a photograph of their 5-month old son Tejash, who was am

    Infant deaths, poor conditions at Indian hospital spark uproar

    In a dimly lit shanty in northwestern India, Padma Rawal sobs inconsolably as she recalls losing her 5-month-old infant, and recounts the hospital ...
  4. primary school students

    Commentary: Parents need not fear getting ready for the first day of school

    Perhaps instead of stressing about the first day of school, parents should celebrate it, says Annie Tan.
  5. Support for breastfeeding mums with more accredited baby-friendly hospitals | Video
    Media playtime

    Support for breastfeeding mums with more accredited baby-friendly hospitals | Video

    The number of hospitals accredited under the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative has doubled, from four to eight this year. The scheme is part of a ...
  6. A child eating.

    Commentary: When is your child’s fussy eating a serious medical problem?

    Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder afflicts many adults and needs medical intervention. Before that happens, you can take some steps to ...
  7. plastic surgery for children in singapore

    Accidents happen – but when might a child need plastic surgery for scar therapy?

    KK Women's and Children's Hospital sees 60 to 70 cases that need stitches a week, mostly caused by children falling down or colliding with other kids.
  8. Woman answering and talking on a smartphone

    Commentary: We have totally undervalued late bloomers

    On the back of the release of PSLE results this week, it's time to question this concept of learning as a race against time, says mum June Yong.