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  1. Chinese ice boy

    Commentary: A year on, China’s 'Ice Boy' a media superstar, but a generation of left-behind children remain forgotten

    It is heartwarming to see Wang Fuman living a better life today but the story for others who suffer from the same plight isn’t as warm and fuzzy, ...
  2. Buthaina Mansur al-Rimi in a photo beamed worldwide after the 2017 air strike that wiped out her

    Young girl's tragic story makes her symbol of Yemen war

    Buthaina Mansur al-Rimi's life has changed drastically since last year -- orphaned in Sanaa, the little girl controversially ended up in Saudi ...
  3. Children displaced by the tsunami play games to take their minds off the disaster

    Indonesia tsunami: Songs and toys for displaced children following disaster

    Via Sundari Octavia keeps a watchful eye on her small children as they sing and dance -- part of a trauma healing programme for kids displaced by ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Various types of breakfast cereals are seen on display for sale at the American Food St

    TV ads for sugary cereal do influence kids' breakfast cravings

    Young children are more likely to demand specific sugary cereals for breakfast when they have seen television ads for these products, a U.S. study ...
  5. File photo child using iPad

    Heavy screen time appears to impact children's brains: Study

  6. Siem Reap 9

    Despite Salik’s success, concerns remain for welfare of Cambodian children working in tourism

    The viral story of Thuch Salik, the talented multi-lingual boy selling souvenirs around Angkor Wat, has thrown the spotlight on the plight of ...