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  1. A child eating.

    Commentary: When is your child’s fussy eating a serious medical problem?

    Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder afflicts many adults and needs medical intervention. Before that happens, you can take some steps to ...
  2. plastic surgery for children in singapore

    Accidents happen – but when might a child need plastic surgery for scar therapy?

    KK Women's and Children's Hospital sees 60 to 70 cases that need stitches a week, mostly caused by children falling down or colliding with other kids.
  3. Woman answering and talking on a smartphone

    Commentary: We have totally undervalued late bloomers

    On the back of the release of PSLE results this week, it's time to question this concept of learning as a race against time, says mum June Yong.
  4. Edine Celestin (R) is homeschooling her five-year-old daughter Lyne-Renee as schools have been

    With schools shuttered, Haiti children also endure crisis

    In the middle of the deadly political unrest that has rocked Haiti for more than two months, another crisis is unfolding - most schools are ...
  5. Laurent Simons

    Belgian boy to become world's youngest university graduate

  6. US immigration

    More than 100,000 children in migration-related US detention: UN

  7. Co-Founder Of Trehaus Elaine Kim

    This mother-of-three wants to improve early childhood education in Singapore

    Elaine Kim, co-founder of Trehaus, shares more about how her family values influenced her career and the decision to start a social enterprise.
  8. stress youth

    Commentary: Here’s what youths say helped them cope with their parents’ divorce

    Being told what is going to happen in advance helps children make sense of their changing family situation, says expert Susan Kay-Flowers.
  9. Parent child parenting

    Commentary: When parenthood comes knocking, life's never the same again no matter what route got you there

    My best advice is to recruit well. Children with involved fathers thrive intellectually, psychologically and socially, says Chair of Inspiring ...