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  1. Children playing along East Coast Park. (Photo: Edric Sng)

    Close sibling bonds may protect against harm of family conflict

  2. school opens 4

    Commentary: Make full use of the last holiday week to prepare your child for the new school term

    As the new school term approaches, use the remaining holiday time to meet your children's less apparent but no less essential needs, says a mother ...
  3. A young girl sitting in a shopping trolley looks at schoolbags in a school stationery section at a

    Schoolbags not linked to back pain in children: Study

    Schoolbag use doesn't appear to increase the risk of back pain in children and adolescents, according to an Australian review of previous studies.
  4. classroom student

    Commentary: This mid-year exam season, let children take charge of their learning

    Anxious parents must learn to step back so that our young can step forward and take greater responsibility over their studies, says a mother of three.
  5. super prepared baby 3

    Commentary: Golf classes? What it really takes to raise a future CEO

    Recent news reports highlight the huge amounts of money some parents spend on training for children as young as three to develop social skills and ...
  6. Crime generic (1)

    Commentary: When children say they’ve been sexually abused, believe them

    One might feel overwhelmed and confused when a child tells you he or she has been sexually abused but we need to create safe spaces for them, says ...
  7. New Content Item

    MOH urges parents to take measures to minimise spread of HFMD amid high numbers

    The number of HFMD cases rose to 1,105 earlier this month - a high since June 2016 - according to weekly notices put up by the Health Ministry on ...
  8. Child sleep

    To help children sleep, go dark

    A new study suggests that exposure to bright light before bedtime can throw children's body clocks out of whack.