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  1. Jo has set up the South's first-ever rights group for aged-out Koreans

    Alternate lives: Korean orphans' quests for answers

    On a summer's day in 1985 a seven-year-old boy sat alone at a crowded bus station in Seoul, sobbing as he waited desperately for his mother to return.
  2. On The Red Dot
    Media playtime

    Ep 14: Old Enough! 2 - Laylana & Damon

    3-year-old Laylana and 5-year-old Damon leave home on their first ever errand alone. But busy roads turn a short trip into a hazardous journey as ...
  3. Child model industry insiders warn leaves minors vulnerable to physical abuse, 12-hour-days and

    China's child modelling industry booms amid controversy

    Manicured children strut down the catwalk at a Beijing fashion show, one of thousands of events driving huge demand for child models in China that ...
  4. Beware the baby teething trap

    Commentary: The only child is becoming the norm

    There are 83 countries, home to nearly half the world's population. where fertility rates are below replacement levels, says Camilla Cavendish.
  5. The government has officially said curbs on the gaming industry are to improve optical health among

    Commentary: Worried your child might be addicted to video games? What the warning signs are

    Researcher at Western Sydney University, Joanne Orlando, discusses the challenges of dealing with a gaming disorder.
  6. New Content Item

    Study shows cute kids are YouTube clickbait; child advocates concerned

    YouTube videos featuring young children drew nearly triple the average viewership of other content, according to research released on Thursday ...
  7. US gun control

    Stricter gun laws tied to fewer childhood gun deaths

  8. desmond lee interview soil play

    Commentary: Outdoor learning has huge benefits for students and teachers and should be done more

    Taking lessons outside can do wonders for children's education and well-being, say researchers at Swansea University Emily Marchant, Charlotte ...
  9. childcare centre singapore

    Commentary: The dangers of leaving our kids with a childcare centre or babysitter – how real are the risks?

    I’ve experienced my fair share of worry from hiring our first helper to my child’s first experience with a childcare centre, says mum June Yong.