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  1. posb pop-up CNY machines

    New, 'good-as-new' notes available from Jan 15

    Customers will be able to withdraw these notes at 42 POSB new notes pop-up ATMS, an increase from the 36 last year, according to a media statement.
  2. Chinese New Year goodies treats yusheng (4)

    New and novel treats to order for your Chinese New Year snacking pleasure

    From pineapple tarts shaped like piglet heads and Chinese pastries stuffed with mochi, here’s our pick of the festive season’s most munch-able ...
  3. How much to give in a Hong Bao this Chinese New Year

    How much money should you give in a hongbao this Chinese New Year?

    Is there a magic number or a socially acceptable amount? CNA Lifestyle breaks it down for you, from your parents to your office-cleaning auntie.
  4. Mens red COLOURED DENIM

    Men: How to pull off the colour red this Chinese New Year and look great

    Who says wearing the scarlet hue has to scream “red alert”? We show you how to rock this auspicious colour in style.
  5. Chinese New Year stay trim healthy calories fitness

    How to enjoy Chinese New Year without gaining weight and feeling ill

    It's that time of year when you'll be eating and slacking off. CNA Lifestyle gathered some pro tips to help you get through the festive season – ...
  6. Yusheng Chinese New Year Hai Ten Lo - Yu Sheng_mod

    Yusheng upgrade: Go fancy with uni, swordfish and golden snapper sashimi

    Toss to prosperity, good luck and deliciousness with these 11 yusheng platters to usher in the Year Of The Pig.

    Some like it huat: Watchmakers utilise pig motifs, scarlet hues and jade for CNY

    Whether you’re born in the Year Of The Pig, love the colour red, are a Chinese history buff, or adore auspicious materials like gold and jade, ...
  8. Madame Fan CNY Set Menu

    You and three friends are invited to an early 'reunion dinner' at Madame Fan

    CNA Lifestyle Experiences: Here's your chance to enjoy an early Chinese New Year dinner worth S$238 a person. It's on us!
  9. Peppa Pig and Dr Brown Bear

    China to mark Year of the Pig with Peppa Pig movie