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  1. RiFF restaurant in Spain

    Woman dies after eating at Michelin-star restaurant in Spain

    A woman who died after eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain may have suffered food poisoning, a local court said on Friday.
  2. The “temperature danger zone” for cooked food is between 5°C and 60°C.

    What’s being done to keep your catered food safe

    Ahead of the busy Chinese New Year period, Talking Point goes behind the scenes of a catering kitchen to find out what goes on with your food and ...
  3. food caterer preparing meal

    More than 2,400 checks conducted on food caterers in 2018: Amy Khor

  4. Food poisoning diarrhoea vomit nausea salmonella E. coli (2)

    Can you be 'too clean'? Experts separate food poisoning myths from facts

    Does having diarrhoea mean you have food poisoning? And does being healthy protect you from it? CNA Lifestyle speaks to the experts to find out.
  5. Pathogens found at Spize River Valley

    Spize food poisoning: 6 types of pathogens found