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    MOH to develop guidelines for firms that provide non-clinical genetic testing

    Firms offering the tests say they can tell you whether you're at risk of developing certain diseases.
  2. senior citizen in wheelchair, with caregiver - singapore file photo (1)

    Commentary: Burden of caring for ageing parents weighs heaviest on unmarried daughters

    Women are expected to live well into their mid-80s, but many will find themselves unable to afford care in their old age when they are busy caring ...
  3. Elderly on wheelchair

    Applications for new home caregiving grant to open from Oct 1

  4. doctor illustration stethoscope generic hospital nurse research

    Patients’ complaints to SMC against doctors could be resolved within 18 months

  5. Gan Kim Young parl 2 sep

    Disability insurance CareShield Life to start next year as Parliament passes Bill

  6. Zika virus

    4 more die of dengue, 9 deaths in total in 2019: MOH, NEA