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    Obesity-related pain contributes to opioid use

  2. stress youth

    Commentary: High stress levels a silent culprit behind diabetes

    Diabetes is a multi-faceted disease that can be caused by other factors apart from the consumption of sugary drinks or sweet treats, says NTU’s ...
  3. Obesity (1)

    Severe obesity raises particular travel health issues: Study

  4. obese people file

    Kidney function worsens as people get more obese: Study

  5. person eating burger

    Commentary: Some people overeat when upset

    Emotional eaters should seek to manage their emotions to avoid overeating, observers say.
  6. Illustration obesity

    Teen obesity tied to increased risk of pancreatic cancer

  7. women exercising stretching in a fitness class

    Commentary: Exercise, not diet, is the key to weight loss

    One reason why exercise gets a bad reputation is too many looking to lose weight place limits on how much they exercise, says one observer.
  8. There were 74 million obese children and teenagers in the world in 2016, up from six million in 1975

    Childhood obesity tied to severe hip disorder