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  1. Prime Minister's Questions at House of Commons in London

    UK PM Johnson commits US$2.6 billion in cycling and walking health drive

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to spend 2 billion pounds (US$2.6 billion) on walking and cycling projects in England, seeking to ...
  2. Expiry date potato chips bag crunch crispy poisoning safety

    Commentary: Brands need to stop advertising junk food to kids on social media

    The potential role of social media platforms in regulating junk food marketing has largely escaped attention, say observers.
  3. obese people file

    Commentary: Evidence obesity a risk factor for serious illness with coronavirus is mounting

    Studies worldwide show a link between severe COVID-19 with obesity and other chronic conditions, say observers.
  4. Obesity Illustration NYT

    By 2030, nearly half of US population will be obese, experts say

    Nearly one in two adults will be obese, and nearly one in four will be severely obese.
  5. File photo of breakfast spread

    Commentary: It's better to exercise before breakfast

    Exercising before breakfast may lead to improved insulin response and increased fat burning, says an expert.
  6. NYT illustration - Gut microbiome

    This potential weight-loss treatment involves eating another person's poop

    The link between the gut and metabolic disease is a growing area of obesity research.