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  1. Illustration of a bully

    Is your child a bully? How parents can spot the signs and what they should do

    What causes bullying and just how much of it is the fault of parents? Experts highlight certain behaviours to look out for – and how one should ...
  2. A woman working from home.

    Commentary: Parents, working from home need not be a hair-splitting experience

    While the desire for parents working from home may be to stick to routine working hours, some flexibility may be essential, says Ruchi Sinha.
  3. WIM elearning 6

    Commentary: Three smarter ways to use screen time while kids are at home

    There are ways to use tech to help kids learn, explore their interests and get creative, says an observer.
  4. School students and education (1)

    Commentary: How prepared are parents for suspension of schools if that happens?

    Schools will be reopened as planned after the March holidays but parents, educators and authorities would do well to plan for a scenario of school ...
  5. International outpouring of support after video of bullied Australian child goes viral

    Commentary: Many parents don’t know how to react when kids get bullied – and that’s okay

    It might not come naturally but parents eventually need to learn how to deal with such scenarios, including developing competencies and support ...
  6. Sugary treats with rainbow sprinkles

    Is there such a thing as a 'sugar high'? Or is it a popular misconception?

    Many parents blame sugar for their children's hyperactive behaviour. But the myth has been debunked.
  7. university graduation

    Commentary: How to sabotage your child’s future – five dangerous notions about life, careers and education

    The most dangerous notions about education come from the people who have the most influence over the future of our youth yet have the least idea ...
  8. Parent child parenting (1)

    Commentary: Over-parenting teaches children to be entitled. Let them fail instead

    It is crucial children learn how to deal with frustration and regulate their emotions during childhood, says an expert.
  9. On The Red Dot
    Media playtime

    Ep 33: My Parent, My Classmate - Back To School

    The fun begins as 4 parents join their kids for the first day back in primary school. But as they relive awkward ice-breakers and surprise tests, ...
  10. MOMO + BUBS' Kim Tan with her son

    The 'mumpreneur' who started her own range of muslin bed linen for young ones

    Kim Tan juggles a full-time job with running her own brand, but mothering is at the heart of what she does.