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  1. maid file photo

    Commentary: Can foreign domestic workers help with chores in homes of close family members?

    The law is clear. We also encourage employers to work out a mutual agreement with FDWs in accompanying their charges to a relative’s place, says ...
  2. A border guard accidentally started a giant fire in Arizona in 2017 at a gender reveal party by

    Commentary: Gender reveal parties have spiralled out of control

    Increasingly outlandish gender reveal parties align perfectly with the values of an economy that's always scrolling for the next best thing, says ...
  3. Crying child

    Commentary: Physical punishment and why few parents openly admit they cane, smack or spank

    Many parents do cane their children. It's the frequency and context in which corporal punishment is meted out shape the impact caning has, says ...
  4. corporal punishment smacking (file photo)

    Commentary: Let’s move away from caning and corporal punishment for our kids

    The common view that corporal punishment is an effective way to correct a child's misbehaviour is misguided, says Professor Ho Lai Yun.
  5. Highly sensitive children

    Is your child an orchid, tulip or dandelion? How to raise highly sensitive kids

    Highly sensitive children, like orchids, thrive in the right environment, experts say.
  6. Why your brain short circuits when a kid cries

    Why your brain short circuits when a kid cries, even if you're not a parent

    The wail of a child has evolved to be maximally distracting. What can you do about it?
  7. Students attending a mathematics class at a primary school

    Commentary: Primary School registration has gone online and is more straightforward. So why is it still stressful?

    Although the application process has shifted online, that process has its new challenges for parents familiar with the old system, says Celine Koh.
  8. FILE PHOTO: Shoppers are seen wearing masks while shopping at a Walmart store in Bradford, Pennsylv

    Commentary: From COVID-19 to parenthood, judging each other is back with a vengeance

    Just as new parents respond viscerally to others behaving differently, so we are equally agitated by those taking a different approach to the ...
  9. NYT illo - parental burnout

    Taking care of your mental health when taking care of your family

    Experts recommend looking at the demands and consider which ones you can step away from.