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  1. an illustration of a child lost in books

    Want to help your child sail through homework and exams? Here's a plan to study smart

    Regardless of a child's age or challenges, parents can encourage sound homework routines for a successful start to the school year.
  2. CNA+: Digital Report
    Media playtime

    Ep 162: CNA+: Digital Report

    What's trending online: 1) Hong Kong's older generation hits back as protests turn violent 2) Parents with disabilities tackle misconceptions ...
  3. Child reading books

    Commentary: Want your kids to have a headstart in life? Build their vocab

    Professor of teaching and learning at Vanderbilt University, David Dickinson shares seven ways how to build your child's vocabulary.
  4. Art and Food

    How doodling and art can keep kids entertained while dining out in fancy restaurants

    In this week’s Chubby Hubby, Portly Papa column, Aun Koh would love see more restaurants take simple steps to keep their pint-sized customers (and ...
  5. woman on imac at home office desk

    Commentary: Actually, women are not better at multitasking

    Let's divide work in and out of the home so women aren't left running themselves ragged, says the University of Melbourne's Leah Ruppanner.
  6. The make-believe world of childhood fantasy

    Fun and games: This is how you level up in parenting

    In this week’s Chubby Hubby, Portly Papa column, Aun Koh discusses the importance of learning by heart the names of Disney princesses and getting ...
  7. Beware the baby teething trap

    Commentary: The only child is becoming the norm

    There are 83 countries, home to nearly half the world's population. where fertility rates are below replacement levels, says Camilla Cavendish.
  8. Woman speaking to a colleague in the office.

    Commentary: Be concerned about unhealthy mindsets about dating and marriage, not fewer babies

    Inconsistent messaging about dating, practical constraints and overconfidence may have been the reasons behind delayed childbearing, says the Lee ...
  9. Physical activity for kids hero

    On the timetable for the day: Scheduled physical activity time for the kids

    In this week’s Chubby Hubby, Portly Papa column, Aun Koh talks about the importance of physical activity and free play for children.