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  1. File photo child using iPad

    Early exposure to digital devices leads to behavioural issues in children with developmental problems: Singapore study

  2. Big Bird from Sesame Street rides a float along 6th Avenue during the 92nd Macy's Thanksgiving

    Commentary: How Sesame Street set the gold standard for education

    But did the show help children learn? Or was it attractive to children who were already flourishing? The Financial Times' Tim Harford gives his take.
  3. China primary school students (1)

    Commentary: Here’s what’s wrong with a homework curfew

    News of the Chinese government imposing a curfew on schoolchildren doing homework suggest disturbing, deep-seated issues which have parallels in ...
  4. stress youth

    Commentary: Here’s what youths say helped them cope with their parents’ divorce

    Being told what is going to happen in advance helps children make sense of their changing family situation, says expert Susan Kay-Flowers.
  5. chinese class

    Commentary: In English-speaking Singapore, children face huge challenges in mastering mother tongue

    From a child’s perspective, arguing that they have to master mother tongue because of economic or cultural reasons cuts no ice, says mum June Yong.
  6. Parent child parenting

    Commentary: When parenthood comes knocking, life's never the same again no matter what route got you there

    My best advice is to recruit well. Children with involved fathers thrive intellectually, psychologically and socially, says Chair of Inspiring ...
  7. Student writing on paper, getting work organised.

    Commentary: Should parents help their kids with homework?

    Under the right circumstances, homework help from parents is helpful, says University of Oklahoma’s Daniel Hamlin.

    Tips to get your kids to eat healthier during family meals – without bribing them

    If you’re lucky, it’s as simple as putting food on the table. If not, here are some strategies.
  9. Child boy cushions sofa

    Commentary: Time out for your kids can be useful if well planned

    Research shows if time out is used occasionally, briefly and the child understands the process, it can be a useful parenting tool for kids aged ...
  10. child parent holding hands

    Responsive mothers may have kids with better language skills