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  1. UNDATED -- BC-WELL-ASTHMA-NYTSF -- A youth uses an albuterol inhaler for asthma. (CREDIT: Max Whitt

    The truth about asthma and your kids: How to keep them out of the emergency room

    Even children who appear fine need to see a doctor before stopping medication.
  2. Children June holidays Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 2

    From puppet shows to playgrounds: 13 places to bring your kids during the June school holidays

    Whether it’s overnight camping in a museum, exploring the world of Enid Blyton at Gardens By The Bay, or going bob sledding at Changi Airport, CNA ...
  3. Pregnancy (File Photo)

    Naps during pregnancy may be linked with healthier birth weight

    Pregnant women who nap regularly may reduce their baby's risk of low birth weight, a study from China suggests.
  4. Lin Meijiao Chantalle Ng Mothers Day special CNA Lifestyle 2

    Love, regrets, worries: When mum and daughter are both actresses

    This Mother's Day, celebrity mother-daughter pairs Lin Meijiao and Chantalle Ng; Hong Hui Fang and Tay Ying; Xiang Yun and Chen Yixin tell CNA ...
  5. Ya Hui fake pregnant (1)

    Pregnant for a day: Ya Hui finds out what it’s really like to have a bun in the oven

    Watch the actress, who plays a surrogate mum in the Channel 8 drama Babies On Board, wear a pregnancy suit for one day.
  6. classroom student

    Commentary: This mid-year exam season, let children take charge of their learning

    Anxious parents must learn to step back so that our young can step forward and take greater responsibility over their studies, says a mother of three.
  7. how to be a happier parent

    Real parents share their tips on how to let go and be happier

    It isn't easy raising children. Here are eight tips from fellow parents on how to feel a little less stressed out.
  8. Theme park hacks (Legoland Malaysia)

    How to survive a trip to a theme park with the kids

    A visit to an amusement park is a lot of fun for kids – and really stressful for parents. Here are some hacks to make it a memorable trip for ...
  9. Reading Children Benefit Behaviour Attention

    Reading aloud to young children can benefit behaviour and attention

    Playing imaginative games may also help children deal with emotions like anger and sadness, researchers said.
  10. NYT Who’s A Good Boy

    Is your son being a brat? It could be anxiety from school

    We speak to our little dogs much more lovingly than we do to our little boys. How can we change that?