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    Parents, there's an upside to giving your kids more screen time – they get creative

    While the debate continues about the effects of children being constantly online, they might also become more fluent in the technology they need ...

    Your kids always fighting? The reasons behind sibling rivalry and how to deal with it

    Squabbling among children actually helps them figure out what’s special about them. That said, parents, here are ways to handle the situation for ...
  3. BC-WELL-CHILDREN-WEIGHT-GAIN-ART-NYTSF — Experts advise families to avoid blaming themselves and to

    There’s no easy fix for children’s weight gain, but blame is not the solution

    Experts advise families to avoid blaming themselves and to look for opportunities to congratulate children for healthy behaviours and good decisions.
  4. infant swimming class

    Commentary: Here’s why parents should invest in infant swimming lessons

    It is important that we prioritise infant swimming lessons as a life skill and resource for children from a young age, says Jan Lin Lee.
  5. Here to help: How to stop fighting with your spouse HERO

    Bickering constantly with your partner? How to stop fighting

    You’re not alone – especially when kids enter the picture. Here are five ways to diffuse tense situations.
  6. yishun foster mum sarimah amat

    A journey of reward and regret: Yishun mum who fostered 5 kids, helps needy students

    Mdm Sarimah Amat was named Yishunite of the Year for her contributions to the community.
  7. COVID-19 lockdowns, school closures drive up US toy sales | Video
    Media playtime

    COVID-19 lockdowns, school closures drive up US toy sales | Video

    Lockdowns and school closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted parents to look for new ways to keep their children busy and ...
  8. Woman wearing a mask looks at toys on display inside a store of Chinese toy maker Pop Mart at a sho

    Commentary: Before you buy gifts for your kids this festive period, find out if it’s good for them

    It is important to know when children derive more happiness from personal experiences than from material possessions, say experts.
  9. How to escape the boredom trap

    How to escape the boredom trap: Parents, reframe your child's thinking

    Boredom is a signal, much like hunger, say psychologists who work with children.
  10. PSLE results day 2019 (5)

    Commentary: Kids taking PSLE next year may have a very different experience

    The new scoring system for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a chance to focus on our child’s development rather than fixate on the ...