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  1. CNA+: Talking Point discusses keeping kids occupied this school holiday
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    CNA+: Talking Point discusses keeping kids occupied this school holiday

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
  2. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    Battling baby blues: When do parents need professional help?

    For new parents, particularly breastfeeding mums, the days and nights can become one incoherent blur. Why does postnatal depression happen? Might ...
  3. People having lunch at Raffles City Shopping Centre (2)

    Commentary: Not easy but parents could use dining-in for two for needed couple time

    After weeks of dealing with the kids at home and a year of this dreaded COVID-19, mums and dads should carve out quality time with each other, ...
  4. hands of father and baby, black and white

    Commentary: What the pandemic taught me about being a better father

    The pandemic has provided a window into my kids’ previously opaque lives and I am all the better father for it, says the Financial Times' Joshua ...
  5. MOE kindergarten

    Commentary: Raising bilingual children is challenging but immensely rewarding

    Keeping children motivated in speaking their mother tongue is often the most significant challenge to raising bilingual children, but persistence ...
  6. Singapore Phase 2 Toa Payoh coffeeshop

    Commentary: Why some miss their regular kopi pit stop after dining-in restrictions kicked in

    That coffee break used to allow essential workers and parents some distance and recuperation, says mum June Yong.
  7. Child using internet on laptop computer - file photo

    Commentary: Surviving home-based learning in the long haul may require parents to dial back on kiasuism

    With everyone back at home and parents supervising their children, there’s a greater tendency that keeping a hawk’s eye on what they are up to can ...
  8. Stay home activities for kids Pexels

    Are your kids feeling listless? 8 activities to keep them entertained after HBL

    Mums and dads, we’ve got you covered. These activities will allow your kids to play, learn and explore without having to leave the house.
  9. A family having a meal

    Commentary: Here’s why family meals are so important

    Family mealtimes are great for the bodies, the brains and the mental health of children. But they are also beneficial to adults, says psychologist ...
  10. Mother's Day Two Halves Mother-Daughter duo UOB HERO

    Starting a business with mum? This Singaporean learned valuable life lessons

    Working with family has its ups and downs – the duo behind local skincare brand Two Halves, Jo and daughter Ashley Yong, found that the perks far ...