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  1. Experts warn benefits from President-elect Donald Trump's big-spending plans could be eroded if

    Commentary: Bigger governments aren’t necessarily a bad thing

    Governments could use their massive bailouts now to target a more sustainable and equitable society, says Saadia Zahidi.
  2. Banyan Tree opens first gourmet organic farm in Thailand

    Banyan Tree opens organic farm in Thailand with Michelin-starred chef

    When ORI9IN, located near Chiangmai, opens to the public in October, visitors can experience farm-to-table dining, purchase fresh produce, and ...
  3. Fishball noodles in a takeaway container

    Commentary: Here’s what months of food deliveries and takeaways have taught us

    COVID-19 may have undone Singapore’s zero-waste efforts, but it also presents an opportunity to build long-lasting habits, say Project bECOme’s ...
  4. Fashion-industry-wants-to-slow-down Dries Van Noten

    The future of fashion: Less ‘unnecessary product’, ‘less waste in fabric’

    Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, designer Dries Van Noten, and Lane Crawford president Andrew Keith are among fashion’s most vocal advocates calling ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Britain's Prince Charles visits the Sandringham Flower Show at Sandringham House

    UK's Prince Charles says coronavirus reset is a new chance for sustainability

    Britain's Prince Charles said the recovery from the coronavirus crisis represented a 'reset moment' for the world.
  6. Zhen Gin founders Terence Loh and Min Teo

    Why these Singaporeans are making gin from typhoon-damaged rice crops

    Terence Loh and Min Teo are turning typhoon-damaged rice crops from Taiwan into a ‘climate-positive’ gin that reflects Asia’s culture.
  7. New Content Item

    Indonesia: Safeguarding the rich biodiversity of the archipelago

    Ensuring environmental sustainability and healthy biodiversity is a shared responsibility of present and future generations.
  8. Investment growth

    How to make your money speak volumes about your values

    For ‘woke’ investors who care about sustainability, social entrepreneurship and good corporate governance, here’s a primer on building a socially ...
  9. Bill Bensley The Colony Hilton

    This 'human zoo' eco-resort will cage guests while the animals roam free

    Nature comes first at architect Bill Bensley's Worldwild China, which, when it opens in 2022, will feature seven luxury hotels set amid a wildlife ...
  10. A man walks while holding a plastic bag in New York

    Commentary: The enormous growth of plastic packaging as take-outs and food deliveries surge must stop

    Amid understandable concern over health and hygiene during the pandemic, the problem of disposable plastics has taken a backseat, say observers.