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  1. Not Business As Usual
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    Ep 4: Be Sustainable

    Precast and prefabrication are changing our construction industry. How did CEO Bob Chan help Greyform and the industry learn technology-inspired ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Pump jacks operate in front of a drilling rig in an oil field in Midland

    Commentary: Big Oil talks a good low-carbon game but does little to back that up

    Big Oil must consider not only the economic advantages of investing in clean energy, but also the risks of continuing to pursue a fossil energy ...
  3. A worker prepares mycelium leather to be used for local products at Mycotech Eco Factory in West Ba

    Inspired by tempeh, Indonesian watchmaker makes leather straps from mushroom

    Bandung company Pala Nusantara uses these for watches priced between S$86 and S$125.
  4. Olympic rings are displayed in front of the construction site of the New National Stadium, the main

    Commentary: Can the Tokyo Olympics rebuild Japan's image?

    When it comes to changing public perception of Japan as an insular country, the challenge is not about hard infrastructure, but about people’s ...
  5. WEF founder Schwab addresses the attendees during the official opening session of the Annual Meetin

    Commentary: We have entered the age of stakeholder capitalism. The role of business has changed

    Businesses and governments must end short-termism, and focus on goals and scorecards that look at sustainability and well-being, says Klaus Schwab.
  6. Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas

    Repairing the damage: How innovators are trying to make clothes sustainable

    Author Dana Thomas’ new book, Fashionopolis, chronicles the damage done by mass production in the garment industry, but also offers hope by ...
  7. Urban farming in Singapore

    Raising the roof: Cultivating Singapore’s urban farming scene

    Call it a social movement or Singapore’s solution to sustainable self-sufficiency, but urban farming in our garden city is growing to new heights.
  8. Kim Jones

    Dior Men’s Kim Jones: “I was going to be a zoologist before becoming a designer”

    The acclaimed menswear designer and prolific globetrotter reveals his lesser-known soft spot for animals.
  9. Sustainability in Monaco

    Is green the new glam? How tiny, rich Monaco is tackling sustainable tourism

    Monaco’s tourism board recently launched the Green is the new Glam campaign to highlight its long-running works in cultivating an eco-friendlier ...