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  1. Ang Song Nian, Marvin Tang, Robert Zhao Renhui, Zen Teh

    Singapore artists comment on man’s impact on nature and the environment

    The works of Ang Song Nian, Marvin Tang, Robert Zhao Renhui and Zen Teh explore the themes of nature and human intervention in Mizuma Gallery’s ...
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    Inch Chua

    Singer-songwriter Inch Chua is passionate about sustainability. Through her art, she wants to inspire other youths and get them to take the ...
  3. COVID-19 could help push us into a greener way of life

    COVID-19: How the pandemic could help push us into a greener way of life

    The nature of work, commuting and shopping has changed since the coronavirus struck. If that transformation sticks, then one day we’ll have ...
  4. Samsonite trade in

    Trade in any pre-loved luggage for a discount and a good sustainable cause

    Samsonite is partnering up with the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) for a sustainability trade-in initiative that sees pre-loved luggage recycled ...
  5. Song Saa - Rory and Melita Hunter

    Why sustainable tourism should mean more than ditching single-use plastic bottles

    For savvy travellers, Song Saa Private Island is a by-word for sustainable eco-tourism. Co-founder Melita Hunter shares how the luxury travel ...
  6. Stella McCartney collection show at Paris Fashion Week

    Animal mascots take to the catwalk for Stella McCartney show in Paris

    The British designer has long been known for her environmentally-friendly approach and was one of the first major designers to shun animal-related ...
  7. Singapore is becoming a nation of urban gardeners, but is it sustainable?

    Singapore is becoming a nation of urban gardeners – but is it all that sustainable?

    The green scene in Singapore may have blossomed, but are we taking the right steps to make our gardening efforts sustainable?
  8. Tommy Jeans Aquafil

    This eyewear company is making luxury sunglasses from recycled ocean waste

    Safilo Group, one the world’s largest luxury eyewear makers, has announced a partnership with synthetic fibres manufacturer Aquafil to begin ...
  9. Sustainability Council Singapore F&B industry restaurants

    How Singapore's leading F&B players are aiming for a zero carbon footprint

    The F&B Sustainability Council – the first of its kind in Singapore – was recently formed to tackle environmental issues in the industry. The ...
  10. Sustainable fashion, upcycling, French label 1/Off Paris

    Fashion conscious, conscious fashion: The French label making upcycling sexy

    With consumers more than ever wanting to know where their clothes come from, French brand 1/Off Paris is among the current crop of designers ...