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  1. child using computer

    Commentary: Home-based learning this time round will be less traumatic

    It can feel like a repeat of 2020’s educational moment but things are very different the second time around, says Cherie Tseng.
  2. 2020 PSLE results

    Commentary: New PSLE scoring, cut-off points for secondary school are stressful for parents all the same

    The aim to reduce exam stress cannot work when the bigger educational eco-system makes it a race to the finish for parents, says Cherie Tseng.
  3. Many Singaporeans approve of the effort to rein in the scooters, which now number about 100,000 in

    Commentary: The PMD problem in Singapore is not just about jostling for space

    It's not about space. To deal with Personal Mobility Devices effectively, we first need to look hard at why we lack basic consideration for ...
  4. (cr) Foreign domestic worker

    Commentary: Can we ever cut our dependence on foreign domestic workers?

    COVID-19 has led to changes in the supply of these women and this is a good time for us to confront a tough question about how we can cope with ...
  5. elvin ng how singapore celebrities celebrated chinese new year

    Commentary: Why tradition still trumps tech this Chinese New Year

    Precious family quirks and traditions still have value as they hold a fast commercialising festive season at bay, says Cherie Tseng.
  6. WIM elearning 6

    Commentary: Home-based learning can be an opportunity to rethink parenting

    Parents can reclaim their roles as the main purveyor and steward of our child’s education and well-being, instead of outsourcing it to schools and ...
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: Virtual weddings are such a great idea, they should stay beyond COVID-19

    This period gives us pause, amidst the inconveniences and disappointments of not having that fairly-tale wedding, to refocus on what matters in a ...
  8. is your child quiet inhibited overly shy anxiety disorder

    Commentary: The introverts among us can’t deal with Phase 2 yet

    After almost three months of stasis, Singapore families are cautiously re-emerging from homes but that process has been surprisingly challenging ...
  9. Changi Airport 14

    Commentary: No travel plans these school holidays, but that's ok

    Without the ritual of the year-end annual overseas vacation, parents are feeling strained about how to occupy their kids but this needn’t be the ...
  10. Cyclist in the rain, Singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Not quite winter in Singapore, but no shame in bringing out the sweaters and jackets

    Sweater weather has arrived, says Cherie Tseng, as Singaporeans have responded to the cold weather by pulling out their warmer clothing from the ...