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  1. Edible insects 1

    Food of the future? Five-star edible insects served up as Thailand gets creative with bug business

    With concerns being raised about the environmental impact of relying on traditional meats as a source of protein, attention is being turned to ...
  2. Meet Thailand’s only guide dog Luther and his owner Sai | Video
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    Meet Thailand’s only guide dog Luther and his owner Sai | Video

    22-year-old Sai Techawongtham lost her eyesight when she was 13. For the last two years, she’s been accompanied by her trusty guide dog Luther, a ...
  3. Gaming esports Thailand

    End game: The rise of esport empires in Thailand and their armies of addicts

    The competitive aspect of video gaming, known as esports, has surged in popularity. While it offers lucrative opportunities for some, there is a ...
  4. East Java plastic 8

    The Indonesian village being buried by the developed world’s waste

  5. Medan durian

    Grow more durians Jokowi tells struggling palm oil producers, with rural votes in balance

    President Jokowi’s comments were a response to growing concerns about uncertainties rattling through one of the country’s most important sectors.