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  1. Medan durian

    Grow more durians Jokowi tells struggling palm oil producers, with rural votes in balance

    President Jokowi’s comments were a response to growing concerns about uncertainties rattling through one of the country’s most important sectors.
  2. Oslob whale sharks

    Whale shark selfies in the Philippines’ seaside ‘theme park’: A tourist experience that's out of control?

    A fleeting sighting of the world’s biggest fish - a rare and mysterious creature - would be special. In Oslob though, a small fishing village in ...
  3. Refugees Indonesia

    Stuck, but sticking together: Refugees and their years of uncertainty stranded in Indonesia

    Indonesia is home to about 14,000 refugees. Each carries a unique story and diverse reasons for ending up stranded in Southeast Asia.
  4. Reporters wait for the general election results in Bangkok

    Thai election leaves country deeply divided, Prayut set to remain PM