Biography of the Author Aqil Haziq Mahmud

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  1. Multi-role combat vessel mothership unmanned systems

    Submarine hunter, recon leader: What a naval mothership and its unmanned systems can do

    CNA’s Aqil Haziq Mahmud spent some time at a maritime defence exhibition to suss out how a naval mothership could operate with unmanned boats and ...
  2. Ng Eng Hen Lockheed Martin

    ‘Dark storm clouds’ could threaten regional maritime security and prosperity: Ng Eng Hen

  3. Graphic backyard breeder pets

    Adopt a kitten for S$1,000? Adorable pets in demand from backyard breeders

    Prospective pet owners are turning to unofficial breeders who offer kittens and puppies at lower "fees", compared to what licensed breeders or pet ...
  4. johor linggiu river

    Biggest threat to Johor River’s sustainability is lack of environmental protection: Vivian Balakrishnan

  5. FILE PHOTO: Man types on computer keyboard in this illustration picture

    As the ‘human flesh search engine’ of online vigilantism grows, measures to deal with doxxing critical, MPs say

  6. SAF maintenance work bionix

    'Safety lapses, weaknesses in safety culture': Panel raises concerns following Aloysius Pang death

  7. aloysius pang file

    Aloysius Pang death: COI finds accident due to lapses by Pang, 2 other servicemen

  8. File Photo Ministry of Manpower

    Nearly 500 private addresses falsely registered as foreign workers' home addresses since December