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  1. Devastating forest fires razed 942,000 hectares (2.3 million acres) of land, mostly on Sumatra and

    Indonesia hit with US$5.2 billion in forest-fire losses: World Bank

    Forest fires that raged across Indonesia dented Southeast Asia's biggest economy to the tune of some $5.2 billion, the World Bank said Wednesday, ...
  2. Firefighters have deliberately started small blazes -- a practice known as 'back burning'

    Toxic bushfire haze blankets eastern Australia

    Toxic haze blanketed Sydney Tuesday triggering a chorus of smoke alarms to ring across the city, as Australians braced for "severe" weather ...
  3. The haze from bushfires obscures the sun setting above the Sydney Opera House in Sydney

    Australian firefighters try to control bushfires ahead of hot days

    Firefighters in eastern Australia used easing weather conditions on Sunday to bring bushfires under control ahead of forecast of soaring ...
  4. Fighting Fires
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    Ep 29: Fighting Fires

    In October 2015, ASEAN environment ministers agreed on a roadmap to achieve a vision of a haze-free region by 2020. But after a 3-year hiatus, ...
  5. Bondi Beach is pictured as a smokey haze hangs over Sydney

    Australian PM denies climate link as smoke chokes Sydney

    Australia's Prime Minister on Thursday (Nov 21) denied his climate policies had caused unprecedented bushfires ravaging the country and insisted ...
  6. Smoke from bushfires blanket Sydney

    Smoke haze blankets Sydney as bushfire threat rises

    Sydney was shrouded in dangerous haze Tuesday as smoke from bushfires blazing along Australia's eastern seaboard sent pollution levels soaring in ...
  7. A woman crosses a road on a smoggy morning in New Delhi

    Schools shut because of Delhi's smog, but hundreds of children run a race

    About 1,000 children ran a race in thick smog in the Indian capital New Delhi early on Thursday when authorities declared air quality as hazardous ...
  8. CNA+ Is a haze-free ASEAN truly achievable by 2020? Insight investigates.
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    Ep 230: CNA+ Is a haze-free ASEAN truly achievable by 2020? Insight investigates.

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
  9. An air traffic control tower is pictured on a smoggy morning at the Indira Gandhi International Air

    New Delhi in 'day-to-day battle' with smog as cool weather sets in

    Cooler temperatures and lighter wind trapped heavy smog over the Indian capital on Wednesday, pushing pollution to "severe" levels in many places ...
  10. nov 13 haze

    Air quality at unhealthy levels in parts of Singapore; Hazy skies due to 'accumulation of particulate matter', says NEA