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  1. Indonesian President Widodo pledges haze-free 2018

  2. Malaysia thanks Indonesia for tackling forest fires

  3. Commentary: The world’s most polluted city, a title none wants to win

    Airlines have cancelled flights, schools were closed and authorities are considering allowing private vehicles in the city only every other day.
  4. Hot spots from forest fires in Indonesia fell 32.6 % in 2017

  5. 10 charged in alleged hazing death of US student

  6. Commentary: Singapore-Indonesia relations at 50, delicate yet interdependent

    The two countries must set aside differences and embrace growing interconnectivity to face challenges ahead, writes ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute’s ...
  7. Commentary: Combat future haze by working with Indonesia and ASEAN

    Weather forecasts suggest that we may not see the recurrence of major haze like in 2015, but Vivian Claire Liew argues we need to speed up work to ...
  8. Indonesia's environment minister proposes meeting to tackle forest fires

    Across Indonesia, a total of 158 hotspots were detected on Monday, down from 282 on Sunday.
  9. Number of hotspots growing in Indonesia: Government agency

    Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said satellite images showed that the number of hotspots increased from 173 on Thursday to ...