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  1. A man enters a Proton X70 car at its headquarters in Subang Jaya

    Proton-packed Geely takes on Honda and Toyota in Southeast Asia

    Li Chunrong was hired by Chinese automaker Geely to revive the fortunes of the Proton brand in Malaysia, and it took him two years to eclipse ...
  2. Studio Bikin founders Farah Azizan and Adela Askandar

    The young Malaysian architects striving to improve quality of life and space

    Meet the new wave of talented Malaysian architects and designers more interested in improving the way we live through their work rather than ...
  3. LiewMainFarmer

    Where your veggies come from: Sweat and toil of a farmer in Cameron Highlands

    CNA visited a farmer at Cameron Highlands, who shares the challenges of growing, harvesting and packing fresh produce every day, including ...
  4. A photo from 1991 of Ah Ma, 67 (front left), with her mother aged 87

    A Malaysian son's journey to a Chinese village to fulfil Ah Ma's wish

    After his mother passed away in Perak, the writer’s father-in-law decided it was time to visit their ancestral home in China – something she was ...