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  1. New Content Item

    A different line of defence

    From reaching out to a diverse audience to understanding how the public perceives defence-related issues and organisations, these defence ...
  2. File photo of the F-35 Lightning II planes arriving at Edwards Air Force Base in California

    Commentary: The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will change the rules of the air power game

    The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will provide sharper sensing for other advanced weaponry in the Singapore Armed Force’s arsenal if it is selected, ...
  3. sembawang air base

    Full-time national serviceman found dead at Sembawang Air Base

  4. singapore nsmen

    National Service registration to start on Sep 13

  5. SAF purpose built cooling pads demo

    Death of NSF Dave Lee: SAF to enhance prevention, management of heat injuries following review

    Measures such as the Arm Immersion Cooling System and the use of the purpose-built cooling pads will be extended across the Singapore Armed Forces ...