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  1. Berhala trash

    Living in a sea of trash: Sabah’s stateless children face bleak future

    These stateless Bajau Laut children cannot go to a public school or find a job.
  2. Tam the rhinoceros

    Malaysia’s last male Sumatran rhino dies

  3. Composite turtle eggs

    Turtle eggs are being sold openly in Sabah, and tourists are partly to blame

    It is illegal to possess turtle eggs under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997. Those convicted face a fine of RM50,000 or a jail term of up ...
  4. Sabah posters

    Banner war: Sandakan by-election heats up as frontrunners trade barbs

  5. Sibu 2

    Commentary: The ghost of Borneo, talk of secession are back to haunt Malaysia

    A move of epic proportions to restore rights to Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysian Parliament signals how much East-Peninsula Malaysia dynamics have ...