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  1. Biden Climate Summit

    Commentary: To everyone’s relief, US is back in the driver’s seat on climate change

    The summit proved to the world that the Biden administration is intent on tackling climate change, says the Energy Studies Institute’s Melissa Low.
  2. Chinese President Xi Jinping talks to former Chinese premier Wen Jiabao

    Commentary: Why is former Chinese premier Wen Jiabao’s eulogy about his mother being censored?

    Chinese censors may have deemed the Macau Herald article to be an unacceptable, scalding criticism of President Xi Jinping and his policies, but ...
  3. Election 2020-Global Pressure Points

    Commentary: Cooperation between US, China at global climate summit could yield significant benefits

    Securing mutual commitment of both superpowers will be needed to meet targets set in the Paris Agreement, says Yale-NUS College’s Yew Wei Lit.
  4. US China

    Commentary: After Alaska, age of selective engagement in US-China relations begins

    With tensions spilling over in public, the US and China’s frosty diplomatic meeting is a sign of things to come, says Bert Hofman.
  5. China US

    Commentary: First high-level US-China meetings seem destined to flounder

    The best possible outcome of the bilateral meeting later this week is an identification of topics of mutual interest for further negotiation, says ...
  6. 5 Mar 2021
    Media playtime

    Ep 36: China's Two Sessions

    The annual meeting of China’s top political leaders takes on a greater meaning this year as the Chinese Communist Party marks its centenary ...