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  1. FILE PHOTO:  Alibaba Group co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma attends an event at the World

    Commentary: Maybe Jack Ma became too powerful for China's liking

    The Chinese Communist party system needs entrepreneurs but curtails anyone who becomes too powerful, says the Financial Times' Jamil Anderlini.
  2. H-6 bomber of Chinese PLA Air Force flies near a Taiwan F-16 in this February 10, 2020 handout photo

    Commentary: China is in no position to take Taiwan by force

    Unlike his predecessors, Chinese President Xi Jinping has demonstrated greater intensity in the desire for reunification, says Cui Lei from the ...
  3. China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi visits Philippines

    China calls for reset in Sino-US relations with Biden administration

    Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi called on the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden to work with Beijing to reopen dialogue between the two ...
  4. Election 2020-Global Pressure Points

    Commentary: Taiwan is becoming the biggest test in US-China relations

    US President Joe Biden must demonstrate resolve yet bolster communication channels with China and manage the signature of interactions with ...
  5. Biden And Asia
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    Ep 33: Biden And Asia

    New leadership in the White House - what does it mean for investors and businesses in Asia? How will incoming president Joe Biden manage political ...
  6. In Con FY20 Ep 15
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    Ep 15: Shashi Tharoor, India's Former Minister Of State For External Affairs

    After a deadly border clash left 20 Indian soldiers and an unspecified number of Chinese soldiers dead, In Conversation’s Lin Xueling asks Former ...
  7. In Con FY20 Ep 16
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    Ep 16: Shen Dingli, Professor Of International Relations, Fudan University

    Will the new Biden administration really be more friendly to Beijing? Shen Dingli, Professor of International Relations at Fudan University, ...