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  1. Soh Rui Yong (left) and Gordon Lim (right) pose for a photo

    'When Singapore's best gives advice, you listen': The SEA Games marathon rookie being coached by the two-time champion unable to compete

    In the third feature in a series of profiles for this year's SEA Games, CNA's Matthew Mohan speaks to a marathoner who has three goals - to finish ...
  2. pm lee in bangkok for asean summit nov 2

    ASEAN members need to strengthen economic integration, further liberalise trade: PM Lee

  3. SP’s training centre at Woodleigh Park

    SP Group launches first zero-emission building in Southeast Asia powered by green hydrogen

  4. Liu Kai military funeral Mandai Crematorium 9

    Death of NSF Liu Kai: Bionix driver continued reversing despite stop commands, police investigating comms between crew