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  1. tray return 2

    More are clearing their utensils at hawker centres, survey says

  2. Graphic backyard breeder pets

    Adopt a kitten for S$1,000? Adorable pets in demand from backyard breeders

    Prospective pet owners are turning to unofficial breeders who offer kittens and puppies at lower "fees", compared to what licensed breeders or pet ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Man types on computer keyboard in this illustration picture

    As the ‘human flesh search engine’ of online vigilantism grows, measures to deal with doxxing critical, MPs say

  4. Vasileios Zikos Chua

    Born in Greece, scoring in Singapore: The JC student making his mark as a professional footballer

    Remember the name Vasileios Zikos Chua. The Nanyang Junior College student has already made history in Singapore's professional league.