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  1. Collage Malaysia unemployed COVID-19

    'We have to ration our meals': Malaysians share their struggles after COVID-19 left them jobless

    CNA spoke to five Malaysians who were left unemployed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a daunting experience having no income to make ...
  2. Dr Wei Siang Yu

    Singapore's Doctor Love launches online platform for migrant workers to consult doctors in their home countries

    The COVID-19 Heartware platform aims to provide migrant workers from Bangladesh and Myanmar with not just medical treatment but also emotional care.
  3. Skype Wedding Malaysia

    Malaysian couple opts for Skype wedding amid COVID-19 curbs - in their respective homes

    COVID-19 forced undergraduates Siti Jaslin Johari and Muhammad Ameer Ashraf to postpone their wedding reception. But following approval from ...