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  1. KL Bike Lane

    Honks, obstacles and fumes: Cycling in downtown KL can be a frustrating experience

    What is it like to travel along Kuala Lumpur’s 11km blue bicycle lane? CNA's Amir Yusof tested to see if it is a practical option for commuters.
  2. Giant Panda exhibit zoo negara

    What Kuala Lumpur’s Zoo Negara is doing to attract more visitors

    The number of visitors to the zoo have decreased over the last five years, but the management team believes its successful breeding programme and ...
  3. Berhala trash

    Living in a sea of trash: Sabah’s stateless children face bleak future

    These stateless Bajau Laut children cannot go to a public school or find a job.
  4. RTS supplemental agreement signing khaw boon wan anthony loke

    Singapore agrees to suspend construction of RTS Link at Malaysia's request

    Malaysia will reimburse Singapore for the abortive costs incurred due to the suspension.
  5. Composite turtle eggs

    Turtle eggs are being sold openly in Sabah, and tourists are partly to blame

    It is illegal to possess turtle eggs under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997. Those convicted face a fine of RM50,000 or a jail term of up ...