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  1. K Shanmugan on Preetiplse video

    Preetipls video: Racism 'a basic fact' in Singapore, but situation much better, improving, says Shanmugam

  2. His skin was darkened to depict an Indian man and a Malay woman, and he also portrayed a Chinese man

    NETS apologises for 'any hurt' caused by controversial E-Pay ad

  3. Shanmugam speaking to reporters on Jul 30

    Videos that 'attack another race' cross the line, says Shanmugam on rap video by Preetipls

  4. K Shanmugam IPS-MHA

    Singapore’s religious harmony law to be updated: Shanmugam

    Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam says any change to the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act needs agreement by various stakeholders like ...
  5. Shanmugam file

    'Not tenable' for Singapore to go easy on Malaysian drug offenders: Shanmugam