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  1. K Shanmugam Law and Home Affairs Minister interview in Mediacorp

    Proposed law on falsehoods has ‘clear oversight mechanism’ to prevent abuse by Government, says Shanmugam

    In an exclusive interview, the Law and Home Affairs Minister looks to address concerns that have been raised over the recently tabled Protection ...
  2. K Shanmugam

    Appeals process should be 'fast', 'simple' and 'relatively inexpensive': Shanmugam on online falsehoods law

    The Law and Home Affairs Minister hopes to adopt the same approach he had outlined for the Protection from Harassment Act.
  3. list of songs with offensive lyrics

    'Untrue' that list of 'offensive' songs circulated in Parliament is to be banned: Shanmugam

  4. file photo hacking doxxing laptop keyboard 2

    ‘Doxxing’ to be criminalised under amendments to Protection from Harassment Act

    The Ministry of Law said there has been an increasing trend in an individual’s personal information being consolidated and published online, with ...
  5. Watain

    Watain concert cancelled based on Christian community’s reaction after initial approval