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  1. Nearly 275,000 people have been killed in Mexico since 2006

    Mexico 2019 murder rate highest since 1997

    There were nearly 35,000 murders in Mexico in 2019, the highest rate since 1997, the first year for which there is an official record, according ...
  2. It was not the first case in North Carolina allegedly involving eye drops to poison a spouse

    US woman jailed for killing husband with eye drops

    A South Carolina woman was Thursday sentenced to 25 years in jail after she admitted poisoning her husband by putting eye drops in his drinking water.
  3. Slovak businessman Marian Kocner has been accused of ordering the hit on an investigative journalist

    Middleman claims Slovak entrepreneur ordered journalist's murder

    The intermediary in the February 2018 double murder of a Slovak investigative journalist and his fiancee on Tuesday accused wealthy entrepreneur ...
  4. Malta's Prime Minister and Labour leader Joseph Muscat was set to resign on Sunday after his

    Vote for Malta PM as Muscat exits over reporter murder

    Malta's Labour Party was voting Saturday to elect its and the country's new leader after Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's downfall over the murder ...
  5. Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has been in power since 2013

    Malta's Muscat exits under journalist murder cloud

    Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, dogged by accusations of hampering justice for a murdered reporter, was to make his farewell speech Friday ...