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  1. A woman holds a rainbow flag at the Pink Dot rally, Singapore's annual gay pride rally, in Sin

    Commentary: On homosexuality and cohabitation - differences on moral issues need not lead to polarised society

    Whether differences in opinion on issues of morality will lead to a fragmented and feuding society is something we can guard against, say the ...
  2. World Jewish Congress President Lauder addresses participants in the annual "March of the Livi

    Polish leaders should clearly condemn antisemitism: World Jewish Congress head

    Poland's religious and political leaders should unequivocally condemn antisemitic behaviour following a number of troubling events in the country, ...
  3. Nuns around the world have set up the Talitha Kum network to help girls freed from human traffickers

    Nuns step up in the fight against prostitution

    Girls freed from the clutches of human traffickers worldwide are given shelter by nuns from the Talitha Kum network, which is marking its 10th ...
  4. File photo of students in NUS

    The Big Read: Open to extremist views, youth want diverse voices and honest talk — but at what cost?

    While youths interviewed believe that their generation is well-placed to handle such issues, some experts pointed out that discerning what are ...
  5. Participants form a giant pink dot at the Speakers' Corner in Hong Lim Park in Singapore

    Singapore society still 'fairly conservative' but the young, educated more open towards homosexual issues: IPS

  6. Vatican representatives met with a dozen men and women representing victims of sex abuse by Catholic

    New York Archdiocese lists 120 former clergy accused of abuse

  7. Security personnel stand guard outside a church after a bomb blast in Negombo

    All Sri Lanka Catholic church services suspended: Senior priest

  8. Filipino penitents bearing crosses on their backs lie on the street as they perform a ritual on Mau

    Philippine Catholics lash themselves in penance ahead of Easter