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  1. The weekly general audience at the Vatican

    Pope says 'lady' COVID-19 must be obeyed, forgoes mask

    Pope Francis on Wednesday described the COVID-19 pandemic as a tough "lady" taskmaster who must be obeyed, but he and most close aides did not ...
  2. The South remains technically at war with the North and maintains a compulsory conscription system

    South Korean Jehovah's Witnesses begin prison work terms

    Dozens of South Korean Jehovah's Witnesses in suits and ties lined up to enter a prison on Monday -- to begin training as administrators, rather ...
  3. Pope Francis meets Cardinal George Pell

    Australian police probe alleged Vatican funds transfer amid Pell trial

    Australian police are investigating the alleged transfer of Vatican funds to Australia amid the prosecution of former Vatican treasurer George ...
  4. Authorities say religious freedom in Hong Kong will not be affected by the sweeping new law

    Hong Kong faithful pray for future under security crackdown

    Cardinal Joseph Zen fled the communist takeover of China as a teenager and found sanctuary in Hong Kong, a bastion of religious freedom that he ...
  5. Worshippers circumambulate the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque complex in the Saudi city of Mecca, on

    Mecca reopens for limited 'umrah' pilgrimage after COVID-19 hiatus

    Mask-clad Muslims circled Islam's holiest site along socially distanced paths on Sunday, as Saudi authorities partially resumed the year-round ...
  6. A cow grazes by a roadside on the outskirts of Sri Lanka's capital Colombo

    Sri Lanka to ban cattle slaughter

    The slaughter of cattle will soon be banned in Sri Lanka, the government said Tuesday, in a move widely viewed as a concession to increasingly ...
  7. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple file photo

    COVID-19: Live music can resume at 16 places of worship from Oct 3