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  1. India's Temple-Mosque Conundrum
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    Ep 35: India's Temple-Mosque Conundrum

    Will the decision to award Hindus the right to build a temple on a disputed site propel India towards a new trajectory of turmoil?
  2. Even Benedict's supporters said he should have used his given name, Joseph Ratzinger, when

    Ex-pope's shadow Vatican role in the spotlight

    Ex-pope Benedict XVI seems to have broken his silence recently over key Catholic issues and his comments have raised serious questions within the ...
  3. A team of some 1,000 have spent years visiting every corner of Indonesia to answer one question: how

    Indonesia's 'mosque hunters' count them up one at a time

    As Friday prayers wrap up at Suada mosque, worshippers turn their attention outside where Fakhry Affan steers a drone high above, snapping ...
  4. The book highlighting Benedict's position on celibacy in the priesthood came as Pope Francis

    Ex-pope Benedict seeks to end storm over controversial book

    Retired former pope Benedict XVI sought to calm a dispute within the Vatican on Tuesday (Jan 14), claiming his name was erroneously attributed as ...
  5. While Pope Francis supports celibacy in the priesthood, he has mooted the possible of being flexible

    Pope Francis repeats support for celibacy after Benedict outburst

    Pope Francis on Monday repeated his support for celibacy after his predecessor pope Benedict XVI urged him not to open the Catholic priesthood up ...
  6. Critics call the procession a mish-mash of superstition and unnecessary risk for the scores of

    Philippine Catholics swarm Christ icon hoping for miracle

    Swarms of barefoot believers thronged a revered icon of Jesus Christ on Thursday in Manila for a slow-moving and raucous procession considered one ...
  7. Pope Francis meets Cardinal Tagle and a group of migrants during the Wednesday general audience in

    Pope appoints Philippine cardinal to global Vatican post

    Pope Francis named Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle on Sunday to a major global Vatican post in a move likely to increase the Filipino's chances of one ...