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  1. NUS graduates at commencement ceremony

    Students graduating from local schools to receive ‘tamper-resistant’ digital certificates

    The OpenCerts platform uses blockchain technology to provide students with an “easy and reliable way” to issue and validate tamper-resistant ...
  2. MOE (2)

    MOE rolling out new system for fund collection at all schools

  3. Timetabling committee 1

    ‘Like a jigsaw puzzle’: The challenging task of generating school timetables

    Preparing school timetables is a complex task - soon to be made even more complicated with the rollout of full subject-based banding in secondary ...
  4. Canada snow

    Eastern Canada digs out from major snow storm

  5. file singapore school students laptops phones

    Secondary 1 posting results to be released next Wednesday

  6. secondary school students Singapore

    N-Level results to be released next Monday

  7. mother teaching child learning tuition

    Commentary: What is lost when we spend more on tuition

    If we allow our perception of the “ideal child” to cloud our decisions, we may forget that our children are individuals who need their own space ...