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  1. Best of both worlds: Merged junior colleges design new uniforms, ensure smooth transition

  2. MOE announces names of merged junior colleges

    The JCs, which will be merged in 2019, will adopt a combination of the full names of both colleges, with the name of the older JC coming first, ...
  3. ‘Sufficient access’ for children not in MOE kindergarten to enter co-located primary school: Ng Chee Meng

    The Minister for Education (Schools) said this in Parliament, following a pilot scheme where children in MOE kindergartens get priority for ...
  4. Photo of student squatting on floor to eat as parents hog canteen seats draws outrage in Malaysia

    A photo showing a student squatting on the school canteen floor, unable to find a seat, as parents of other students throng the benches has gone ...
  5. Secondary 1 posting results will be released on Dec 21

  6. Commentary: With less focus on grades, is PSLE still a necessary checkpoint?

    The release of PSLE results last week has one educator wondering whether the PSLE is still necessary in light of tweaks to the education system ...
  7. Parents express concern, joy over move that gives MOE kindergarten kids 'unexpected advantage'

    Some parents questioned the timing of the change in policy, which will coincide with a potentially larger cohort of Dragon Year babies entering ...
  8. Children in MOE kindergartens to get priority in entering co-located primary schools

    They will be eligible for admission under Phase 2A2 during the 2018 Primary 1 registration exercise.
  9. PSLE results: 98.4% of students make it to secondary school