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  1. New Landscape
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    Ep 7: New Landscape

    What's next for investors, after the SPH shakeup? Why commercial and industrial is a bright spot in the Singapore property market. And - risks and ...
  2. Banking Recovery
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    Ep 6: Banking Recovery

    The outlook ahead for Singapore banks. How businesses are coping with a second Ramadan during the COVID-19 pandemic. And will the environmental ...
  3. Biden Report Card
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    Ep 5: Biden Report Card

    After the first 100 days in the White House, what will the Biden presidency mean for you and your money in Asia?
  4. sea tech composite

    Commentary: Why Grab, Gojek, Tokopedia and Sea are the new darlings of US markets

    Several factors point to a growth story that could make Southeast Asian Tech the darling of Wall Street, says INSEAD Associate Professor of ...
  5. Affluent Singaporeans money habits Singsaver

    Affluent Singaporeans are saving more since the pandemic, a new study shows

    In a poll conducted by Singsaver, 72 per cent of Singapore’s affluent – those earning more than S$125,000 annually – were shown to be saving more ...
  6. Supply Crisis
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    Ep 3: Supply Crisis

    How the chip shortage will hit the pockets of consumers. The business impact of the record fine on Alibaba. Plus, how the pandemic has sped up the ...
  7. The Great Chip Shortage
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    Ep 4: The Great Chip Shortage

    Why the global semiconductor shortage is so hard to fix. How Singapore's tourism sector is moving to new revenue streams. Plus, fighting food ...
  8. Parisian shops get ready to reopen on Saturday

    Commentary: Unclear if rebound shows economic recovery or a sign of persistent inflation

    But over the next few years, loose monetary and fiscal policies could trigger persistent inflationary pressure, says Nouriel Roubini.