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Japan typhoon

Japan rescuers seek survivors after Typhoon Hagibis kills 40

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Furhat Robotics hopes to make a social robot that recognises when you're sad and can cheer you up.

How AI is coming 'alive', replacing human roles - as robots or as wives

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CNA lifestyle

Fashion trends SS2020

Stay ahead of the curve with five of the hottest fashion trends for next year

From drapery that recall the mastery of haute couture to shorts that evoke the sensuality of summer, this is your cheatsheet ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Medical social worker Melissa Chew's job entails bringing comfort to both the living and the dead.

When all a patient has at death’s door is one last hope, she steps in

Melissa Chew's job as a medical social worker includes reuniting families, even at the eleventh hour, and tracking down a dead ...

(am) sleeping on the job
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Sleeping on the job

A robot modelled on mankind's oldest social interface: Humans.

How AI is coming 'alive', replacing human roles — as robots or as wives

Pro footballer, full-time singer — two careers that have given Syed Azmir lessons from failure.

The footballer turned singer who lost both careers, and found his way again

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Regardless of Race

Regardless of Race

Singapore society has changed and evolved dramatically since our Pledge was written. Today, issues surrounding race are different but no less ...

The Negotiators

The Negotiators

Negotiations are part of everyday life. From haggling at the market, asking for a pay raise, to navigating relationship issues, we do it all the time.

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Secret Delicious

Follow food writer Aun Koh as he tours Asia in search of off-menu items, hidden food gems and coveted access to spots that are completely ...

Talking Point

Talking Point 2019/2020

With a fresh approach to tackling the issues of the day, Talking Point investigates a current issue or event- offering different perspectives to ...

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Good, deep friendships between government leaders and religious leaders are extremely important. It helps to build trust, build bonds, and that is important for society as a whole, and allows issues to be dealt with in an atmosphere of trust.

Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam, during the debate on the Maintenance of Religious Harmony (Amendment) Act

shanmugam parl 7 oct
Singapore Concerns raised about separation of religion and politics, foreign influence under MRHA
We need the people of Hong Kong to respect the law. So if a piece of legislation has been enacted but people refuse to abide by the law then, of course we'll have a problem at hand.

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam, on the mask ban invoked last week

Carrie Lam told reporters she believed Hong Kong can tackle the crisis on its own
Asia Hong Kong leader says no plan to use emergency powers for other laws
OCD is highly treatable... It’s not the end of the road if you are diagnosed with OCD. ​​​​​​​

Bruce, who has OCD, on what he would tell a youth facing a similar diagnosis

OCD (1)
Singapore 'We even thought of ending our lives': A family’s struggle with their child's OCD and how they came out on top
I’m doing what I think is right and I’m doing what I believe in, so there shouldn’t be people trying to stop me.

Oliver Chua, 11, on speaking up passionately for Mother Earth

Oliver Chua speaks at the climate change rally
Singapore 'We as children have to do our part': This 11-year-old environmentalist wants others to join him in saving the Earth
You will always need to question yourself. If it’s not ordinary, you should flag it for further checks.

Checkpoint Inspector Mohammad Rizal Mohamed Kassim, on maintaining a sense of curiosity while inspecting packages

ICA SingPost illegal mail Mohammad Rizal
Singapore Tarantulas, laser pointers and cannabis pipes: How ICA weeds out illegal stuff in the mail
In every struggle that I go through, I know I can depend on them to be there for me. ​​​​​​​

Syed Azmir Syed Azman, on leaning on his family amid career struggles

Singaporean footballer turned singer Syed Azmir on the set of Kin, the Mediacorp Channel 5 drama.
CNA Insider The footballer turned singer who lost both careers, and found his way again

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