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(dp) womens prison 24

Inside the women’s prison

Empathy, rigour and help to turn inmates' lives around. CNA Insider gets an unprecedented look at life behind bars in ...

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Lifestyle rhythm breaker DINING 1

CNA lifestyle

5 FW18 hairstyles hero

The five hairstyles for men now: From Gong Yoo's curly locks to David Beckham's buzz cut

A good haircut is an instant makeover. Take inspiration from the celebrities sporting fresh cuts from the Fall/Winter 2018 ...

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iPhone XS mania in Singapore | Video
Media playtime

iPhone XS mania in Singapore | Video

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

From breastfeeding mum to inventor

This Singaporean mother of 4 turned her breastfeeding woes into inspiration for an invention - one that's now helping mums ...

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The New Silk Road Season 4

New Silk Road Season 4

China's trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative is already changing the world in profound ways, and one region which will feel its effects the ...

Made in Singapore

Made in Singapore

Singapore is not lacking in inventors and inventions. And yet, many of our original creations have stayed under the radar and users have not been ...

Into The Vault

Into The Vault

We take four Singaporeans, with four burning questions about the past, and send them on a mission to find answers that lie deep within Singapore’s ...

Edible Wild 2

Edible Wild 2

Edible Wild is back for a second season - join culinary anthropologist, Nithiya Laila, as she picks, catches and digs her way through Hong Kong, ...

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asian voices

When I assume the premiership, I will make sure that one of the first countries I visit will be Singapore.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) president-elect Anwar Ibrahim at the Singapore Summit

Anwar Ibrahim Singapore Summit
Singapore Not sensible to create problems between Singapore and Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim
I’m not interested in making a mark, to be frank. My focus has been and will continue to be taking care of my residents, expressing my mind in relation to issues concerning policy and contributing without being too concerned about how the outcome benefits me.

MP Murali Pillai goes On the Record

Murali Pillai Bukit Batok rally Apr 29 (3)
Singapore The public's trust, politics and race, and dignity for the LGBT community: MP Murali Pillai goes On the Record
I am not a criminal and I do not want to go through life being branded as one by my own country. It takes a psychological toll on you going through life thinking you are less than everyone else.

Disc jockey Johnson Ong Ming on his court challenge against Singapore’s law against gay sex

Pink Dot 2018 wide
Singapore Court challenge filed on 377A arguing that gay sex law ‘violates human dignity’
I’m glad there was quite a fair bit of failure quite early in my life … Through all those failures, I realised ​​​​​​​that, very often in a crisis, there are a lot of opportunities.

Serial entrepreneur Leonard Lim on being undaunted despite hiccups in life

MIS Omnisense Systems Leonard Lim main
CNA Insider The Singaporean serial entrepreneur who kept failing, until he got a lucky break
We wanted to target a different audience - one that normally buys food at supermarkets. We want to show them that all these food that they normally buy are thrown away and to get them to ask questions like why are all these good-quality food being thrown away.

SG Food Rescue co-founder Daniel Tay, on a drive to give away 800kg of vegetables in the CBD

Daniel Tay
Singapore 'I hope people ask why we're giving good food away': Giveaway highlights food waste problem
The increasing polarisation of views on so many social issues is deeply concerning and can split our society at its core. How can we ensure more and safe spaces to engage in difficult and divisive conversations?

NMP candidate and social entrepreneur Anthea Ong on what she would like to raise in Parliament

NMP Nominees Abbas Ali_Anthea Ong
Singapore Plans for Parliament: NMP candidates share motivations to be in politics

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