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New Sultan of Pahang

Sultan of Pahang elected as new Malaysian king

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Mr Yeo Siak Eing is fondly known as Ah Gong to residents.

'Ah Gong' of Eunos and his spirit of giving

He earns little, but still gives to others. How an elderly peddler brings a community together in spirit of giving.

Lifestyle rhythm breaker DINING 1

CNA lifestyle

westlife coming to singapore

Irish boyband Westlife coming to Singapore to meet fans next week

And here's how fans can score themselves the chance to meet the pop quartet up close and personal.

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

The “temperature danger zone” for cooked food is between 5°C and 60°C.

What’s being done to keep your catered food safe

Ahead of the busy Chinese New Year period, Talking Point goes behind the scenes of a catering kitchen to find out what goes on ...

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Conversation With

Conversation With S14

Channel NewsAsia's flagship interview programme Conversation With is back for a 14th season, focusing on one distinguished personality in each ...

Big Little Murder

A Big Little Murder

In September 2017, the brutal murder of a 7-year-old boy inside the school washroom sends shock waves across India. It triggers national outrage ...

Correspondents’ Diary

Correspondents' Diary

A look at the week's events through the eyes of Channel NewsAsia's correspondents, keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening in one of the most ...

Real Deal

Real Deal

This observational documentary series puts the spotlight on auctions of the rare and rarefied, as it goes beyond the intensity of a bidding war to ...

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We've said across all religions - promote your religion but you cannot promote violence;  you cannot run down another religion, you cannot run down another race. When you advocate, preach violence using your religious role, we will act.

Singapore Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam

Singapore Ex-religious teacher and student issued restriction orders under Internal Security Act: MHA
When the country’s fiscal position has been restored, we will slowly progress, and we hope that the people can have the patience.

Malaysia Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng

FILE PHOTO: Malaysia's Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng speaks during a news conference in Putraj
Asia Lim Guan Eng asks for patience as government restores Malaysia's economy
We lose a young person to suicide every 9.3 days. And the even scarier thing is that for every one death, we have about 50 attempts … I want to make sure that a young person's first contact with mental health support isn’t after they've tried to kill themselves.

Jamie Chiu, clinical psychologist and Champion for Change

Dr Jamie Chiu works with teachers on how to talk to children who are struggling, but it's not easy.
CNA Insider The psychologist trying to get more help for Hong Kong's suicidal, depressed youth
We booked the flights here before we even knew for sure that we'd get the concert tickets. This is my heart. BTS owns and holds everything inside my heart. ​​​​​​​

Ms Renadya, a BTS fan from Indonesia

BTS Renadya and Deva Han fans from Indonesia
Lifestyle 'We cannot wait for tomorrow': BTS fans gather on eve of K-pop group's Love Yourself concert
To be a leader is not about commanding respect. It is not about asking people to listen to you and to say that I'm in charge and you have to be listening. Leadership is about working with people, a good follower will be a good leader.

Principal Chan Kwai Foong who retired after 35 years in the role

Mrs Chan Kwai Foong (3)
Singapore Last Day at Work: 'Education is in my DNA’ says school principal as she draws the curtain on a long career
(Aloysius Pang) is superhuman. ‘Resilient’ is his middle name. He will recover faster than you think. In the meantime, have him in your prayers, and well wishes.

Actress Paige Chua on Aloysius Pang who was injured in an army accident

paige and aloysius instagram photo
Lifestyle Celebs send wishes to Aloysius Pang injured in overseas military exercise

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