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  1. End of the road for Mr Chan Tien Sang (centre) and his shop at Beauty World, after over 35 years.

    At Beauty World, old-timers and their trades are fading away

    Changing consumer patterns and a lack of successors mean some of the shopkeepers at the strata-titled mall have little choice but to give up their ...
  2. Once the larvae of the fall armyworm moth become big, they eat through chunks of leaves.

    How a ‘worm’ might affect prices of cereal, toothpaste and chicken rice

    An invasive species from the Americas has spread to Asia, ravaging cornfields and threatening the food supply chain. For Food’s Sake! has a closer ...
  3. Young people at a climate change rally in Singapore.

    How Singapore sees its millennials (and it's not a pretty picture)

    A nationwide survey uncovers cracks between the different ages, raising questions on whether the young are being ignored, as the documentary ...
  4. Medical social worker Melissa Chew's job entails bringing comfort to both the living and the dead.

    When all a patient has at death’s door is one last hope, she steps in

    Melissa Chew's job as a medical social worker includes reuniting families, even at the eleventh hour, and tracking down a dead person’s next of ...
  5. Pork is Singapore’s second favourite meat, with more than 126,000 tonnes imported last year.

    What's making pork more expensive? There's a fatty belly factor

    Pork prices in Singapore have increased steadily owing to trends ranging from changing consumer preferences to rising oil prices, as For Food’s Sake!
  6. Ever wanted to sleep on the job? This how staff at e-commerce platform Shopee do it.

    How one firm is upping productivity — by helping its staff to sleep

    With poor sleep linked to productivity loss, Shopee is encouraging its employees to use the nap pods in its new premises, to get more out of them.
  7. A robot modelled on mankind's oldest social interface: Humans.

    How AI is coming 'alive', replacing human roles — as robots or as wives

    The technology is being developed to be human-like, raising questions like whether artificial intelligence will walk beside people, or virtual ...
  8. Pro footballer, full-time singer — two careers that have given Syed Azmir lessons from failure.

    The footballer turned singer who lost both careers, and found his way again

    Motivated by fame, promising football player Syed Azmir chose to be a singer only to have it fall apart. Could he pick himself up and return to ...
  9. Laksa without 'towgay'?
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    Laksa without 'towgay'?

    Beansprouts are found in many of our hawker dishes - be it laksa, popiah, or prawn mee. But few people realise that prices of the humble 'towgay' ...
  10. Why you’re paying more for pretty veggies
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    Why you’re paying more for pretty veggies

    Here's how our obsession with perfect, hole-free vegetables is leading to higher kailan prices – and a whole lot of waste.