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  1. When beds must be moved urgently,, Covid-19 patients in TTSH and NCID can count on these nurses.

    Tired staff, but pushing on: How TTSH-NCID responded to COVID-19 from day one

    CNA Insider trailed staff from Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases through the lulls, surges and uncertainty of ...
  2. stock markets file photo

    Five things to know before investing in the stock market rally

    Think you can turn S$10,000 into S$100,000 in two years? Want to invest half your salary in equities, like one financial blogger does? The experts ...
  3. In a Covid-19 landscape, some people have had more time and flexibility to trade.

    Unable to resist a bargain, more Singaporeans turn to stock market amid COVID-19

    Retail investors are taking a chance on equities for several reasons, despite the woes on Main Street. And they have helped to drive the market rally.
  4. A serving of regular instant noodles surrounded by healthier versions.

    Are healthier instant noodles really healthy? After the hype come the checks

    The healthier versions of this traditional favourite have gained in popularity among consumers in Singapore. But are these alternatives just ...
  5. Human clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine began in Singapore in August.

    Singapore’s race for a vaccine: Can it be won before second wave of COVID-19 hits?

    Human clinical trials began last month at SingHealth’s Investigational Medicine Unit, and the programme Talking Point gains exclusive access to ...
  6. Simulated street outreach that Aldrich Jai Kishen (left) can embark on at any hour of the day.

    To help Singapore’s youth at risk, these outreach workers must hit the streets, and fit in

    Through art and music, the workers aim to get youths to express themselves and open up about their problems. But befriending them is the first ...
  7. Samuel, who is a prepper in Singapore, with one of his sons, ready for a pandemic and much more.

    Ever ready for an apocalypse: Inside the minds of doomsday preppers in Singapore

    Prepping is not about hoarding food or training for a zombie outbreak. Instead, a prepper’s mentality is about expecting the unexpected and having ...
  8. John Low tells how he survived while drifting in the waters off Tioman to the South China Sea.

    Lost at sea for 4 days, Singaporean came near to death and lived to tell the tale

    From fighting off hallucinations to talking with his ‘timekeeper’, this 61-year-old tells the programme On The Red Dot how a routine boating trip ...
  9. Can he consummate a marriage? Will any children he has “be like him”? Alex has faced such questions.

    I want a wife, not a maid: When a man with cerebral palsy looks for love, intimacy

    Like many of his peers, Alex, 33, craves companionship and a family of his own in future. But his disability is not the only challenge. He must ...
  10. Gitanjali and her husband, Vijaya Kumar, got married last month with help from a matchmaker.

    Why some Singaporeans still turn to Indian matchmakers — but for how long more?

    The tradition lingers, even with dating apps around. But in Singapore, it is not all like what a recent Netflix series portrays. And the relevance ...