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  1. MYMD Bell Helicopter main

    Flying taxis? Bell Helicopter sees such a service taking off in Singapore

    The American company plans to launch urban air taxis in Asia by 2025, and thinks there would be market demand in the Republic, as the programme ...
  2. TTSH kitchen main

    Inside the hospital kitchen: 8 things you never knew

    Think hospital food sucks? CNA Insider finds out that whipping up three meals a day for more than 1,000 patients is no easy task.
  3. CCAG eco-dining main

    The truth behind 'sustainably fished' and 'organic' labels

    Organic veggies, certified sustainable seafood and farm-to-table dining are all the green rage in Singapore – but are they as earth-friendly as ...
  4. MIS Omnisense Systems Leonard Lim main

    The Singaporean serial entrepreneur who kept failing, until he got a lucky break

    Leonard Lim’s childhood dream of running his own company turned into a tale of debt, despair and divorce. But he persevered, reinventing thermal ...
  5. TP HFMD main

    7 things to know about the more virulent strain of HFMD that’s killed 2

    With the outbreak of the Enterovirus 71 strain in Malaysia and its proportion of cases increasing in Singapore, Talking Point finds out more about ...
  6. gili Singaporean Suyi clean up

    Gili island quake: The Singaporean girl who stayed put to help

    Ignoring the dangers, dive instructor Tay Suyi and other foreigners helped the injured and stayed behind to clean up and rebuild, even as ...
  7. DFM instagram seniors cedric and granddaughters

    The loneliness of old age - and an experiment to see if Instagram can be a cure

    One lonely cancer patient wanted friends to know she was “still here”; a former sprinter didn’t know how to interest his grandchildren in his ...
  8. Insight syariah aceh  3

    20 years of syariah: From floggings to vigilante attacks, how far will Aceh go?

    Has more harm than good been done in Indonesia’s most conservative province, where strict laws apply against adultery, homosexuality and gambling?
  9. TP spy cam upskirt

    Spy cameras, illicit filming and upskirt photos: Are you being watched?

    Being unwittingly filmed is becoming a serious issue in Singapore, and for every hidden camera found and insult of modesty case reported, there ...
  10. OTRD chef mission India main

    He took out his life savings in Singapore to rescue children in India

    Civil engineer Ravi Rai Manas quit his job after saving S$300,000 to make a difference in the place he first saw poverty as a 10-year-old. He ...