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  1. (ry) mukul interviewed by cna insider

    His double life as a construction worker and a 'famous poet' in Singapore - and the price he paid

    Basking in fame after his book was published, Mohd Mukul Hossine was increasingly unhappy with life as a migrant worker. But could he afford to ...
  2. Insight Japan doll maker 2

    The village with dolls but no children – and Japan’s existential crisis

    ​​​​​​​Its population ageing and declining, Japan must let go of some of its deep-set traditional values – if it wants to avoid an economic crisis.
  3. OTRD SIngapore Couple Ati clinic2

    For 33 years, Singaporean couple helped a ‘forgotten’ people – at a personal cost

    They’ve endured illness, separation from their kids and tough conditions, to bring help to the impoverished Ati tribe of the Philippines, as On ...
  4. Insight vietnam brides main

    Raped, beaten and sold in China: Vietnam's kidnapped young brides

    More young girls from Vietnam are ending up in forced marriages in China, where the gender imbalance has created a demand for foreign brides, as ...
  5. “Growing up here is special," says Daniel, even if being Jewish is “very hard" owing to Jewish laws.

    From special haircuts to speaking Hebrew, how Jews live in Singapore

    Whether they follow the orthodox code or are less strict, they are redefining, adapting and embracing Jewish life the Singaporean way. The series ...
  6. In the post-Islamic State era, returning militants could be an even bigger threat.

    Islamic State fighters heading home: Is Southeast Asia ready?

    Roughly 1,000 Southeast Asians joined the conflict in Iraq and Syria. With the terrorist group’s military collapse, Insight examines whether they ...
  7. Riot police try to disperse protesters in Hong Kong's tourism district Nathan Road on July 7, 2019.

    What lies ahead for Hong Kong, a city on edge

    Protests may not be unusual in Hong Kong, but with the gulf between its government and people never more evident, Insight examines where the city ...
  8. Wen Zi Xu's Chinese language — and mum's close supervision — is taking a toll on him.

    Parents know best, or do they? In today’s Asia, the dilemmas of overparenting

    The end goal is successful children. But trying to give them a head start in life can be a struggle in a fast-changing, competitive world, as the ...
  9. Singaporean David Chen had to convince farmers in Myanmar that he could increase their yields.

    How a Singaporean is changing the fates of rice farmers in Myanmar

    Against a backdrop of climate change and a cyclone disaster, David Chen is helping to tackle the problem of poverty through the way rice is farmed ...
  10. Talking Point collected water samples across the island, including from taps in dirty surroundings.

    Drink water from a public toilet? Singapore's taps put to the test

    Talking Point looks at why Singaporeans resist drinking directly from the tap, especially public taps, and how well founded their fears are.