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  1. Tom Iljas and Liong May Swan were not going to wait for Covid-19 to pass before tying the knot.

    A stroke and COVID-19 didn’t stop them marrying at 80. Here’s a lesson in love

    Tom Iljas and Liong May Swan had to cancel their original wedding ceremony owing to COVID-19. So they held the solemnisation in a hospital where ...
  2. Seniors like Khoo Chwee Lye often see the walking stick as a symbol of shame. But not this cane.

    From a walking-stick alarm, to VR time travel: How tech can help dementia patients

    With technology, caring for dementia patients can be made a little easier. The series Gadg(AID) looks at six ways of doing so.
  3. Gadg(Aid) autism main

    How technology gives my son hope with his autism

    Virtual reality and robotic devices can be used to empower those on the autism spectrum and even open up job possibilities for them, the series ...
  4. People buying food at a supermarket in Singapore amid fears of a disruption to Malaysian supplies.

    Amid sweeping lockdowns, why Singapore’s food supply can endure: Chan Chun Sing

    There will be some delays and adjustments needed, but there is no need for panic buying, says Minister Chan Chun Sing, who also speaks publicly ...
  5. What if some vegetables are sneaked into Singapore without undergoing proper food safety checks?

    A peek at the illicit trade in smuggled vegetables in Singapore

    How are illegally imported vegetables getting in, and why are some suppliers risking prosecution? The programme Talking Point investigates.
  6. In Indonesia, a country of nearly 270 million people, plastic is everywhere.

    Indonesia stands at the crossroads of a waste crisis and plastics problem

    The country produces nearly 200,000 tonnes of rubbish a day. But with an inadequate waste management system so far, big challenges are looming.
  7. Families in Bangkok are often faced with floods. But is it a problem with no end in sight?

    The fight to save Bangkok from sinking into watery depths

    A green basin, an urban farm and a floating home — the programme Insight explores the solutions being devised to keep climate change and ...
  8. Tamimi Pohan has brittle bones and wishes for independence. Some smart tech help is on the way.

    Is technology up to helping the disabled with problems of daily living?

    Smart home devices and mobile apps have advanced and changed lives, but how far can they go to help persons with physical disabilities? The series ...
  9. Locals in Sitio Nabong, in a province just north of Manila, dream of seeing new roads in the area.

    Why Manila is at risk of becoming an underwater city

    In three decades, this city and its surroundings could be submerged because of climate change, excessive groundwater use and land subsidence. The ...
  10. Regular soap, the antibacterial kind or an alcohol handwash? Talking Point puts them to the test.

    Is antibacterial soap better at killing germs, hands down?

    Since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have been encouraged to wash their hands for good hygiene. But what kind of cleaning agent works best? Talking ...