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  1. To lose the weight he gained previously, Steven Chia went on a two-month intermittent fast.

    Does intermittent fasting shed those kilos? Here are 7 things you should know

    After drinking bubble tea over a month, Talking Point host Steven Chia decided to put intermittent fasting to the test. And he got some tips about ...
  2. Former loggers like Alianur have had a small part to play in Indonesia’s loss of natural heritage.

    How an illegal logger’s switch to a greener job shows a way to save Indonesia’s forests

    A climate finance scheme in Central Kalimantan is protecting peat forests while funding more viable livelihoods and better education. The ...
  3. Hampered by chronic asthma and an old knee injury, Vasoo Kesevan needed help to lose weight.

    He couldn’t lose weight on his own. Then he opted for surgery that’s gaining ground

    Vasoo Kesevan went from being overweight to morbidly obese, and from being happy to being hurt until he came to a big decision. CNA Insider tracks ...
  4. Many of the shops in Tanglin Halt have been around since the neighbourhood was built in the 1960s.

    A trip down memory lane in Tanglin Halt, soon to be demolished

    What will be lost, and what has already changed in one of Singapore’s oldest districts? Residents and business owners share their stories with the ...
  5. Dinner time in one of Singapore's foreign worker dormitories.

    A year since COVID-19, dorm life leaves migrant workers still hoping for better

    Life has not changed much for some workers who are unable to share communal facilities, must still eat in crowded rooms and face restrictions ...
  6. The Ganga has sustained hundreds of millions of people for centuries, but faces a slow death today.

    Can Ganga be saved? What must be done to clean up India’s holy river?

    Also known as the Ganges, it is one of the foundations of Indian civilisation but has since been tarnished by pollution and filth. The programme ...
  7. One of the vendors at the Sungei Road market, which was Singapore’s largest and oldest flea market.

    The former Sungei Road market vendors: Where are they now?

    Some vendors, relocated both near and far, are trying to keep memories of the place alive. The programme On The Red Dot finds out what has ...
  8. The floodwater level in Ho Chi Minh City has increased.

    Under siege by climate, man-made problems, a sinking Ho Chi Minh City fights to survive

    The city is facing extreme weather more frequently, its flood mitigation responses have not kept pace, and a proposed sea dyke has sparked debate.
  9. The danger is that all it takes is a few drops of water for this to happen.

    When glass suddenly shatters — why it happens and how to be on the safe side

    There have been cases at home, and outside too; over the past decade, at least 530 exterior glass panels were reported to have shattered. The ...
  10. Talking Point host Diana Ser becomes a cleaner for four hours.

    What would make Singaporeans return their trays? How about a siren?

    Diners in hawker centres often assume that it is the cleaners’ responsibility to clean up after them. Could technology or monetary pressure change ...