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Matron's house of tough love

Sick, suicidal and shunned, HIV+ women find refuge with a tough Malaysian grandma who refuses to let them "rot away". #InspirAsian

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Seven tips about the sugar traps unknown to most people

The school that Bang Jack built

A humble parking attendant is ensuring no impoverished child in his village gets left behind. #InspirAsian


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Meet the real-life suicide squad - ordinary folks turned heroes who risked death to rescue more than 1,700 trapped in Marawi.


Food Heroes

She gave up pastry chef dream in US, to keep family's putu piring legacy alive

It has been on the verge of closing, but the fourth-generation owners are determined to preserve the famed Haig Road Putu ...

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Inspiring Andre Chiang: A Michelin-star chef and an ice-cream uncle

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The future of Peranakan food? Malcolm Lee's daring vision

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Exquisite French cuisine, from heartland chef Jason Tan

Bringing the kampung back, one dish at a time: Hjh Maimunah's next generation

This 73-year-old retired nurse helped an insecure teen find her voice (and how sweet it was).

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A boy, an 83-year-old loner, and the unlikely friendship that changed them

What a 10-week social experiment in inter-generational relationships reveals.

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Could e-learning actually be making your kid dumber?


How clean really are public swimming pools? To find out what's in them, #WhyItMatters tests the waters.

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WeChat and China's cashless revolution

When they can pay hospital bills and street vendors via their mobile phone, no wonder young Chinese have stopped carrying cash.

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The Investigative Trail

In Singapore soon? The 'impossible' burger that's meatier than real meat

Created in the lab by a Silicon Valley start-up, this plant-based patty is touted as a sustainable “future food”. But does it ...

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How easy it is to dig up the skeletons in your harddrive

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Defenders of the forest: The plight of the Dayak

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No more 'garbage island': How Taipei won the battle against litter

Rebel with yarn

Kelly Limerick takes her passion for crocheting to public spaces - even when faced with insults and parental resistance.


The Mavericks

From 'untameable' teen, to Asia beatbox champ - with dad's belief in him

Piratheeban Kernabalan lacked focus in school and in life because of his ADHD. Until he found a musical art that called to him ...

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From playing in arcades and a one-room flat, to top of the world

NTU freshman wants to graduate 10,000 migrant workers from his school by next year

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Oddballs: She's an embalmer

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Foster father to SPCA's unwanted


How Ninja Van's 'smart and ruthlessly aggressive' co-founder hooked a big investor

At 27 and with no logistics experience, Lai Chang Wen started a company that netted S$45m in investments. A mattress on the ...

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The urban farming pioneer who wants to feed the city’s soul

Singaporean turns coffee-grower, with zero experience but a grande ambition

Riding the 'airfish': Singapore company hopes to make it a travel game-changer

He dives into your trash for treasure

Salvaging wasted edible food and other household items, he gives away 90% of it to those in need.

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Finding Sayfullah's Voice

"You could see from his body language he wanted to tell you a lot of things." The story of a boy, his iPad and a mother's love.

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Overcoming Limits

Giang the adventurer: Grab's first blind coder makes the world see past limitations

In his job and in life, software engineer Giang Nguyen enjoys breaking barriers, and showing the world that people like him ...

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Nurazah learns to walk

Love in the face of Tourette's

At 97, this Vietnamese grandma has mastered the Internet

A special school, built on love

They sold their house, she gave up her career. All to build a safe world for their son and hundreds of other youths.

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"We are human also. I can feel sadness when you treat me like I’m so small. You don’t know that I do other things."


A face of homelessness today

At 35, he sleeps in food outlets, washes up at public toilets - and has been trying to work and study his way out of destitution.

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Stories of Survivors

Bankrupt, divorced, then son dies of cancer: How one man survived to rise above it all

He came close to ending his life and was locked up for drink-driving. Jimmy Ong tells On The Red Dot what gave him the will to ...

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Wei Kong's Long Road Back

Did I create life or destroy them?: Mother’s grief over losing 3 babies

Sister’s death at hands of schizophrenic son spurs her to help the mentally ill and their families

Lives in limbo: CNA Insider's Lam Shushan documents the Rohingya refugees' tales of loss and of compassion


This Muslim community leader hid Christians in his house while ISIS-linked rebels in Marawi went on a killing spree.


Facing Ageing


Danny's Mother: A love-hate-love story of facing dementia

When that strict, strong mother you know falls prey to dementia, and your roles are reversed – how do you cope with the ...

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This South Korean tech start-up hires only seniors over 55, to prove a point

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What the powerful magic of choice did to these nursing home residents

Guilt, burnout and sacrifice: Dementia patients’ caregivers ask ‘have I done enough?'

Secret violence: The silence surrounding elder abuse

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The real Suicide Squad: Heroes of Marawi

Why young Singaporeans are picking up dialects

More are going for classes in Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese - in part to bridge the generation gap.


Vanishing Home Recipes

Read the stories and get these vanishing recipes - before they disappear for good. A special CNA Insider series.


Special Report

A CNA Insider series exploring the issues of elderly poverty in Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore and Myanmar.

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Hidden sugar

Seven tips about the sugar traps unknown to most people

This is how your phone’s e-wallet can be hacked

The drummer who became a maid to chase her musical dreams

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Drumming to Her Dreams

A chance to heal old racial wounds for one Singaporean

How corporate greed nearly destroyed Marvel's superhero empire

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