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Chinese President Xi Jinping disembarks from a plane upon his arrival to attend the upcoming Easter

Commentary: China banning Facebook and Google now looks smart considering recent data breaches

The Chinese government appears to have shown the right foresight, starting about 10 years ago, in blocking access to Facebook and Google in the ...

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Skyline of buildings in The City of London as seen from Waterloo Bridge as pedestrians walk by in

Commentary: London at an inflexion point - and now in decline?

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nasa photo singapore

In Singapore

Crest Secondary School

Commentary: What an effective parent-teacher meeting looks like

Trepidation, anxiety, and perhaps, frustration can be common emotions displayed at parent-teacher meetings. National Institute ...

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Singapore skyline

A 21st-Century Singapore Story

Two young women talking.

Commentary: What’s wrong with the Singaporean accent?

It is time to own the English language and be proud of what we have made of it. What we need to change is not our Singaporean ...

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FILE PHOTO: A researcher plants a semiconductor on an interface board which is placed under a micro

Dealing with Disruption

students (2)

Commentary: My generation has a fear of missing out - on a disrupted future

The fear of missing out is real – and a 20-year-old shares what this means for millennials in an age of disruption.

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A news ticker is reflected in a office window in the financial district of Canary Wharf

Work Life

man taking a photo of a sports fancy car lamborghini

Commentary: Picking a fund is just like picking a car

Picking a fund to invest in can seem intimidating and technical but consider the similarities with another big-ticket item ...

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China's parliament has endorsed Xi Jinping's move to abolish rules limiting the head of

Rising China

Counterfeit handbags are among the billions of dollars in knock-off products imported each year,

Commentary: China's protection of intellectual property is something to shout about

Infringement is still an issue in China, but the Chinese government is getting serious about IP rights protection, says one ...

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Mahathir Mohamad said he believed the new government could get back most of the money stolen from

Spotlight on Malaysia

Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim

Commentary: The bittersweet return of Anwar Ibrahim to Malaysian politics

Prime Minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim might win the by-election for the Port Dickson seat come Oct 13, but he will have to ...

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A rescue boat is pictured near the shoreline of Laguna de Bay, before Typhoon Mangkhut hits the mai

Southeast Asia

File Photo Hot Weather

Commentary: Rising temperatures will make Southeast Asian economies sweat

Climate change could wreak havoc on productivity in Southeast Asia and increase business risks, says one environment expert.

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Pompeo will also seek to promote the United States' strategic vision for Asia, as tensions with

Elsewhere in Asia

Trump meets with Abe at the White House in Washington

Commentary: China, Japan and Trump’s America an uncomfortable trio

If the US and Japan maintain their alliance, they can shape the environment that China faces and help moderate its rising ...

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. Republican presidential nominee Trump speaks at a campaign event at Trump Doral go

American Global Leadership

FILE PHOTO: Flags of U.S. and China are placed for a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture in Beij

Commentary: Yes, it's time to end the US-China trade war

The world’s first and second largest economies cannot disengage fully, regardless of the actions of particular ...

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A woman walks past a map showing the elevation of the sea in the last 22 years during the World Cli

World News

Passengers wait to undergo security checks at Sydney's Domestic Airport in Australia

Commentary: Know your rights when a border agent demands access to your digital device

Visitors entering New Zealand will have to disclose passwords for their electronic devices if they asked to by customs ...

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The first batch of flats in Tengah will be launched from in November in the plantation district.

Housing Singapore

(sl) Public housing blocks and balance leases in Ang Mo Kio

Commentary: A nightmare scenario, Ang Mo Kio emptying out in 20 years

Overcoming the horror scenario of ghost towns emerging and of entire towns becoming mass housing construction pits is the key ...

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clasroom background

The Education Debate

File photo of students taking their seats for the diploma ceremony at Harvard University in Cambrid

Commentary: Singapore and Singaporeans lose when universities chase after world rankings

A focus on chasing after university rankings, and therefore prioritising research over teaching, has detrimental effects for ...

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HDB file picture

Tackling inequality in Singapore

Singapore crowd file

Commentary: A minimum wage isn’t the answer to inequality

Oxfam’s index that measures commitment to inequality has ranked Singapore poorly, and suggests that the lack of a minimum wage ...

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In this file photo taken on June 21, 2018, a child in a stroller holds a sign as people rally

On Parenting

A couple and their child at the seaside.

Commentary: A tale of two bankers and modern parenting

Working part-time for a few years while raising young children may not cost you much in financial terms but it will ...

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stress or depression file photo

Mental Well-being

Brain headache

Commentary: Memory loss, a growing concern among young people

The young are as concerned as the old about losing their memory, but for most people, it's nothing to worry about as it's just ...

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demolition singapore 11

Employment Challenges

man, worker, employee walking carrying a briefcase

Commentary: Prepare to tell long-serving bosses their time is up

There comes a time when almost every leader starts to become complacent, says one observer at the Financial Times.

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The average gender pay gap across all British companies that submitted details stood at 12 percent

On Gender Equality

A couple holding hands.

Commentary: Women quit for their husbands too

Women don't just quit their jobs to take care of their kids; they approach wifehood with the same selfless attitude, says one ...

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The Gaia satellite collected the data on some 1.7 billion stars from its unique vantage point in

Digital World

fb messenger scam

Commentary: Seven habits of highly secure digital natives

Keeping yourself safe online can be achieved easily with some good personal housekeeping habits, says one cybersecurity expert.

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NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera image of earth

Saving Planet Earth

Amjad Abdulla of the Small Island States said time had "already run out" for some

Commentary: We can tackle climate change without stunting economic growth

Let's encourage innovation to solve climate change, argues Financial Times' Tim Harford.

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Light exercise sleep

Living Well

smiling woman

Commentary: The problem with measuring happiness

Countries are competing in happiness rankings, but defining happiness is subjective, and differs across cultures, one observer ...

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