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UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and PAS President Hadi Awang hold hands during Ummah Unity Gather

Commentary: Malaysia’s national consensus on race and politics risks unravelling

With a charter signed between UMNO and PAS, the longstanding Merdeka consensus just took a backseat, says James Chin.

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After failing to board a second flight and fearing they were about to be 'forcibly

Hong Kong Protests*

Sky-high prices and the cost of living outstrip many ordinary residents' salaries in Hong Kong,

Commentary: Out of reach? The unaffordability of housing fuelling the Hong Kong protests

While the protests were squarely directed at the controversial Extradition Bill in the beginning, it became clearer over time ...

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nasa photo singapore

In Singapore

Crying can make you feel better

Commentary: Catalysing help to overcome inequality in all its forms

As a society, we can come together to bridge the shortfall and narrow the gaps by giving people a hand-up and not a hand-out, ...

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Digital manipulation may be good for Hollywood but new "deepfake" techniques could create


Dyson - Fluid Dynamics Lab 01

Commentary: The future is tech but where is Singapore’s engineering and IT talent?

The number of graduates from STEM disciplines has fallen over the same period, even as the number of STEM jobs has surged, ...

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NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera image of earth

Climate Change

Composite picture of aflluence's extravagance.

Commentary: Wasteful practices of affluence must stop

Let’s consider a set of new 3Rs for environmental sustainability – namely, reinvention, recalibration and reward, says ...

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heartache, heart broken elderly man travelling on the bus

Ageing Societies

File picture of older workers

Commentary: Watch for casual ageism and other signs of caustic attitudes about older workers

At the heart of concerns over raising the retirement age and CPF contribution rates is an insidious belief that older workers ...

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PM Lee NDR (13)

National Day Rally 2019

File photo Changi Beach park

Commentary: As ice caps melt, Singapore a hot spot for sea-level rise

Global warming doesn't only just lead to higher sea levels, it also changes which places see a disproportionate rise in sea ...

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China's economy expanded at its slowest pace for nine years in the third quarter, fuelling

US China Relations

The People's Bank of China on Wednesday fixed the yuan's central parity rate at 6.9996 per

Commentary: China has been secretly struggling to stabilise the yuan

Chinese policymakers are still worried about excessive depreciation, says China commentator Yu Yongding.

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A news ticker is reflected in a office window in the financial district of Canary Wharf

Work Life

How to relieve stress unsplash nathan dumlao

Commentary: We know it’s pointless to work long hours yet we still do it

Little sleep and 80-hour weeks do not make you a productive thinker, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.

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FILE PHOTO: A researcher plants a semiconductor on an interface board which is placed under a micro

Global Headwinds

FILE PHOTO: A woman walks past an electronic board showing the stock market indices of various coun

Commentary: Many sectors are already in a recession

The world will have to confront sustained negative supply shocks that would require a very different kind of policy response ...

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The Gaia satellite collected the data on some 1.7 billion stars from its unique vantage point in

Modern Economy

WeWork 2

Commentary: Investors are questioning WeWork’s value finally

WeWork fails on nearly all the criterion which determine whether a tech start-up is likely to be successful in the long term, ...

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An aerial photo shows rowers on Lake Washington near a line of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft at the Boein

Aviation News

koala qantas 2

Commentary: Flying is not fun, which is why I prefer long-haul, direct flights

I could have actually used a longer flight, says Jay L Zagorsky, who took the world's longest flight recently.

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In this file photo taken on June 21, 2018, a child in a stroller holds a sign as people rally

Married Life

Mattress parents kids sleep

Commentary: Have we placed too much faith in science to solve all our fertility problems?

The greater support couples will receive for fertility treatment is to be welcomed but let’s not let up on the focus on ...

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Light exercise sleep

Living Well

Expiry date potato chips bag crunch crispy poisoning safety

Commentary: Overweight yet undernourished? The hidden effects of junk food consumption

Despite societies around the world getting more affluent, problems related to lack of essential nutrients in our diet are ...

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China's parliament has endorsed Xi Jinping's move to abolish rules limiting the head of

Rising China

Tension spikes in Hong Kong as police square off with protesters

Commentary: Could 'black hands' be behind the Hong Kong protests?

It is understandable why people have been asking whether the Hong Kong protests might have received foreign backing, though ...

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. Republican presidential nominee Trump speaks at a campaign event at Trump Doral go

InTheUnited States

US President Donald Trump accuses China of failing to make good on promises

Commentary: There is no longer any doubt the US is pursuing containment of China

Donald Trump’s administration is flailing at antiquated perceptions of the Old China that only compound the problems it claims ...

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Mahathir Mohamad said he believed the new government could get back most of the money stolen from

Spotlight on Malaysia

Malaysia Sabah flag

Commentary: The East Malaysia secession grapevine, an absolute headache for Malaysia Day

The Pakatan Harapan government faces its trickiest conundrum yet – keeping Sarawak and Sabah in the fold while resisting ...

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Pompeo will also seek to promote the United States' strategic vision for Asia, as tensions with

Top Asia Pacific

Japan's trade restrictions are already having an effect on South Korea's world-leading

Commentary: How a century-old dispute between Japan and South Korea threatens the global supply of smartphones

The dispute is being played out within a complex confluence of historical grievances, domestic politics, the ongoing US-China ...

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A rescue boat is pictured near the shoreline of Laguna de Bay, before Typhoon Mangkhut hits the mai

Southeast Asia

Men sit at their collapsed houses damaged by landslide along Mekong river in Can Tho city

Commentary: Droughts and dams are drying up the Mekong river

The combination of drought and the construction of dams in China, and now in Laos, has created a new situation in the Mekong ...

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Supporters of former Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama gather at city hall a day after after

On Indonesia

Indonesia armoured vehicles at Gelora Bung Karno stadium

Commentary: The hooligans of Indonesian football are at it again

The Indonesian fan violence that broke out when the country faced Malaysia at the World Cup qualifier at Gelora Bung Karno ...

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