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how to know if freelance work is right for you Singapore CNA Lifestyle couch

Commentary: The freelance life is passion made possible but not for all

Becoming a gig worker is all the rage right now but the secret to succeeding as one is by loving, not hating what you do, says a full-time freelancer.

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nasa photo singapore

In Singapore

myopia file photo afp

Commentary: The pain of being a short-sighted Singaporean with no perfect fix

Perhaps, given that four out of five are myopic, we have a false sense of security as we feel safety in numbers, says eye ...

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. Republican presidential nominee Trump speaks at a campaign event at Trump Doral go

American Global Leadership

Donald Trump has frequently accused China of stealing US jobs through unfair trade practices and

Commentary: An agenda for resolving the US-China conflict

The upcoming G20 meeting between Trump and Xi will provide an opportunity for the world's two leading economies to reframe the ...

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China's parliament has endorsed Xi Jinping's move to abolish rules limiting the head of

Rising China

FILE PHOTO: View of the Piraeus Container Terminal, near Athens

Commentary: Global shipping and logistics chains reshaped as China’s Belt and Road dreams take off

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is changing the paradigm for global logistics chain, with huge ramifications for shipping, ...

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A rescue boat is pictured near the shoreline of Laguna de Bay, before Typhoon Mangkhut hits the mai

Southeast Asia

FILE PHOTO: ASEM leaders summit

Commentary: General Prayut’s dream of remaining PM dampens Thailand’s hopes of starting afresh

And all the signs suggest his bid for power will be successful, says Termsak Chalermpalanupap.

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Pompeo will also seek to promote the United States' strategic vision for Asia, as tensions with

Elsewhere in Asia

FILE PHOTO: A man checks his phone outside the RBI headquarters in Mumbai

Commentary: Warning, India’s central bank is under attack

If Narendra Modi's government continues to attack the Reserve Bank of India, effective monetary policy-making could become ...

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Japan has announced plans to ease immigration restrictions and bring in more foreign workers to

Commentary: Genuine immigration reform still alien to Japan

Delhi shut all primary schools on November 8 as pollution levels hit nearly 30 times the WHO's

Commentary: India’s deadly air a national respiratory crisis

Arabica Coffee_mod

Commentary: Kyoto, car-lite city of the future

A woman walks past a map showing the elevation of the sea in the last 22 years during the World Cli

World News

Former US president George Bush -- seen here in 1992 -- served one term as head of state before

Commentary: George HW Bush, the last president of a confident and dominant America

George HW Bush had some impressive foreign policies wins and will best be remembered for how the US handled the first Iraq ...

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The Gaia satellite collected the data on some 1.7 billion stars from its unique vantage point in

Digital World

Facebook launched its "war room," pictured in October 2018, at its Menlo Park headquarters

Commentary: Can Facebook maintain staff morale?

While Facebook employees still praise the free food and other perks, fewer are optimistic about the company's future, the ...

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FILE PHOTO: A researcher plants a semiconductor on an interface board which is placed under a micro

Dealing with Disruption

Stan Lee rose through the ranks to become a comics writer, and eventually led the Marvel empire for

Commentary: Lessons from San Jose and Stan Lee as Singapore’s Smart Nation efforts enter new phase

The momentum in Singapore’s Smart Nation drive has picked up but this doesn’t guarantee adoption of upcoming services and ...

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A news ticker is reflected in a office window in the financial district of Canary Wharf

Work Life

Man office stressed tired overworked

Commentary: An ironman mentality is leading many to turn up for work despite being sick

Turning up sick at work can cause your employer to lose more money than if you had stayed home, says one observer.

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Singapore skyline

A 21st-Century Singapore Story

elder woman reading newspaper

Commentary: When did English become a second language and jargon our first?

Forget about our analysis being read or our proposal approved if readers have to plow through a morass of jargon and ...

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Light exercise sleep

Living Well

colourful vegan food

Commentary: Add more plants, and less meat to your meals. Here’s why

Most people think of eating as a binary choice – you either go vegan or vegetarian or not at all, but this cannot be further ...

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NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera image of earth

Saving Planet Earth

KFC say no to straws sign Singapore

Commentary: Dear Singapore, a plastic future is not fantastic

Because plastic poisons our seafood and waters and escalates climate change, moral duty demands we act urgently to eliminate ...

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Mahathir Mohamad said he believed the new government could get back most of the money stolen from

Spotlight on Malaysia

In Singapore, Grab cut driver incentives after its merger with Uber.

Commentary: On both sides of the Causeway, Grab’s grand ambition hits road bumps

Amid higher fares and lower incomes for drivers after the Grab-Uber merger, many Malaysians aren't standing by idly, says Khor ...

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clasroom background

The Education Debate

A student plays Solitaire in a lecture theater of the university on October 11, 2017 in

Commentary: University professors must teach more, have industry experience

In an age of disruption and higher education levels around the world, rising tensions between research and teaching in ...

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In this file photo taken on June 21, 2018, a child in a stroller holds a sign as people rally

On Parenting

mother teaching child learning tuition

Commentary: What is lost when we spend more on tuition

If we allow our perception of the “ideal child” to cloud our decisions, we may forget that our children are individuals who ...

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The first batch of flats in Tengah will be launched from in November in the plantation district.

Housing Singapore

HDB flats in Toa Payoh file

Commentary: The Lease Buyback scheme can give singles more housing options

The Lease Buyback scheme will likely see more signing up as Singapore ages over the next decade and the headache might be ...

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HDB file picture

Tackling inequality in Singapore

A child studying

Commentary: A wake-up call, when a disadvantaged child gets 8 out of 100 for an exam

Uplifting disadvantaged children requires us to create ecosystems of support and actively facilitate their access to this ...

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demolition singapore 11

Employment Challenges

Elderly man using mobile phone

Commentary: Fewer golden years as fertility drops and life expectancy rises

Longer lifespans have lengthened the number of years people spend in retirement, which should prompt governments to think ...

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The average gender pay gap across all British companies that submitted details stood at 12 percent

On Gender Equality

Japan office workers

Commentary: The enormous, avoidable waste of human capital caused by gender inequality

We cannot afford to tolerate the enormous yet preventable waste of human capital caused by gender inequality, says one observer.

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Women "are sick of sexism and discimination, sick of wage inequality," Switzerland's

Commentary: The unequal, unnoticed life of a female worker

A couple holding hands.

Commentary: Women quit for their husbands too

stress or depression file photo

Mental Well-being

heartbroken, breakup, relationships

Commentary: After a break-up, some find it harder to achieve closure

While others avoid closure at all cost, some need explanations in order to have their painful feelings resolved, says one ...

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