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Autonomous bus at Science Park

Commentary: Self-driving buses and delivery robots welcomed but who do we blame if AI goes rogue in Singapore?

As AI-powered systems become increasingly prevalent in our lives, it’s time to rethink the way criminal laws are applied to them, say members of ...

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nasa photo singapore

In Singapore

PAP 4G leaders

Commentary: Challenging task ahead for 4G leaders to resolve succession question, as pace of transition weighs heavy

While COVID-19 has delayed succession, the 4G leaders should now consider how other candidates fare domestically and ...

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Digital manipulation may be good for Hollywood but new "deepfake" techniques could create


grab ceo

Commentary: What’s behind Grab’s reported SPAC listing

Grab’s decision to opt for an SPAC listing rather than an IPO may seem strange to some, but it is a timely and strategic move, ...

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FILE PHOTO: A researcher plants a semiconductor on an interface board which is placed under a micro

Business & Economy

lion city sailors

Commentary: The incredible rise of Forrest Li, modest founder of Singapore’s most valuable listed company

For a very long time, Forrest Li has been somewhat of a mysterious figure unless you’re a gaming enthusiast or in the ...

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A news ticker is reflected in a office window in the financial district of Canary Wharf

Work Life

singapore cbd

Commentary: What if people don’t want to return to the office?

From Monday (Apr 5), more workers can head back into the physical office. But how ready are we to return to a pre-pandemic ...

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China's parliament has endorsed Xi Jinping's move to abolish rules limiting the head of

Rising China

Australia Quad

Commentary: The Quad has a plan and it’s not all about China

Countries of the Quad are moving forward in concrete cooperation that benefits the Indo-Pacific region as a whole. That is a ...

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. Republican presidential nominee Trump speaks at a campaign event at Trump Doral go

in the*United States

FILE PHOTO: New York City Police Department (NYPD) poster after alleged assault attack on Asian wom

Commentary: Unusual, enormous bigotry has been long directed at Asian-Americans

Problematic attitudes towards Asian-Americans and the rise of more explicit forms of racism suggest a rethinking in America’s ...

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Mahathir Mohamad said he believed the new government could get back most of the money stolen from

Spotlight on Malaysia

FILE PHOTO: A view of the empty Woodlands Causeway between Singapore and Malaysia after Malaysia im

Commentary: Connecting Singapore and Malaysia without an HSR challenging but alternatives should be explored

Resuming daily travel is the focus, but both countries should also explore digital connectivity and clean energy for landmark ...

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Myanmar Karen Attacks

Myanmar Coup

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha and Myanmar's General Min Aung Hlaing. (Photos: Reuters)

Commentary: Thailand as a model? Why Myanmar military may follow Prayuth's example

It would be far smarter for the Tatmadaw to build support within a pseudo-democratic system—as Thailand’s military has done, ...

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Customers wearing face masks queue for food outside a store, as the country is hit by an outbreak o

COVID-19 Outbreak

Screengrab of COVID-19 cases in Japan. (Source: Google)

Commentary: Japan’s slow-mo vaccination programme has a lot riding on it

With few mandatory restrictions, and national leaders focused on holding the Tokyo Olympics, vaccination should be a top ...

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NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera image of earth

Climate Change and Sustainability

Singapore is using water-based panels to boost its solar energy use four-fold to around two percent

Commentary: The changing geopolitics of clean energy will impact Singapore’s Green Plan

As Singapore transforms itself to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, it will find that it is still vulnerable to ...

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An aerial photo shows rowers on Lake Washington near a line of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft at the Boein

Aviation & Travel

airasia composite

Commentary: Airlines have little choice but to not be airlines for a few years

AirAsia and Singapore Airlines are already blazing a trail on how to do just that while flying remains in cold storage for ...

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Pompeo will also seek to promote the United States' strategic vision for Asia, as tensions with

Top Asia Pacific

The China-backed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) has been hailed as an antidote

Commentary: Don't be too quick to dismiss the economic benefits of RCEP for Southeast Asia

Reductions in tariffs on goods, which benefit China, are often overestimated in such calculations, whereas reduction in ...

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clasroom background

Education and Entrepreneurship

personal finance young adult

Commentary: Managing personal finances is a minefield when you start 'adulting'

The problem goes beyond a lack of financial literacy taught in school. The world of financial planning has transformed since ...

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Lifestyle &Entertainment

FILE PHOTO: Meghan and Harry give interview to Oprah Winfrey

Commentary: Harry and Meghan are made for Hollywood, not royalty

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made themselves out to be hapless victims of The Firm, but it all seems part of their game plan ...

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Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has praised the team's mental strength


Britain Soccer Premier League

Commentary: The English Premier League and European football have a disgusting racism problem

Football authorities have pointed out that racism in the game reflects racism in society but the sport could work harder to ...

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In this file photo taken on June 21, 2018, a child in a stroller holds a sign as people rally

Family Life

Offerings for a loved one who has passed on. (Photo: Terence Heng)

Commentary: Why crowds will keep heading to the cemeteries and columbaria during Qing Ming

Every year, Chinese Singaporeans engage in a frenzy of tomb-sweeping, offering-making and effigy-burning. Qing Ming means more ...

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Worker takes body temperature measurement of a passenger inside a vehicle following an outbreak of

More on COVID-19 Outbreak

FILE PHOTO: Coronavirus testing site in Ealing, West London

Commentary: Those new coronavirus variants sure are worrisome

Reports of COVID-19 mutations that move faster and are potentially deadlier have already hit several countries. A virologist ...

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A woman walks past a map showing the elevation of the sea in the last 22 years during the World Cli

World News

Guy With the Digger at Suez Canal

Commentary: What the stuck ship in the Suez Canal taught us about life

The Ever Given fiasco may have been a disaster for global trade but holds interesting parallels to real life, says Karen Tee.

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Singapore skyline

More on Singapore

Greater Southern Waterfront

Commentary: Keeping public housing in prime locations like Greater Southern Waterfront affordable and fair

To help low-income families afford those flats, while avoiding the lottery effect, consider awarding a housing grant tiered by ...

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DPM Heng Swee Keat Budget 2021 statement

Singapore Budget 2021


Commentary: Companies and workers, forget life before COVID-19. Budget 2021 will help us prepare for life after it

While the Budgets in 2020 were cumulatively about preservation and adaptation during an emergency, Budget 2021 is about ...

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